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    ROAD: Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources


    Public Name: ROAD: Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources

    Collection ID: 614340000000000354

    This is a status update regarding the collection ROAD: Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources provided by the ISSN International Centre.

    The ISSN International Centre is aware of the existence of broken URLs in this collection due to the constant evolution of the “open access” landscape and has initiated a solution for this.

    They have implemented a new functionality in their production tool, that will detect broken URLs. Once the tool identifies broken links, these titles will be removed from the KBART title list. These removals will be ingested and reflected in the Knowledge Bases so that the titles with the broken links will be removed.

    However, if the ISSN International Centre finds a new relevant URL, this will be updated back in the KBART title list, which will then be reflected in the Knowledge Bases.



    Updating the article- To remove the broken URLs from the title list, the provider will remove ROAD codes from all apparently broken links and then a careful re-examination must be made in order to find and enter the correct URLs back to the records with a ROAD code. Before doing this operation, they must establish some technical details internally which will help them with re-establishing the ROAD code later. As this is a complex operation, they do not have a timeline. 

    The ISSN International Centre will continue to extend their technical cooperation with ExLibris to address this issue.


    • Article last edited: 16-MAY-2024