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    What are the Open Access collections available in Summon?


    What are the Open Access collections available in Summon?


    Your patrons can access these databases by adding them to your library's Client Center or Intota profile.

    However, we are aware that there are some databases we track that have free journals but are not on this list (spreadsheet). The problem is we have no way of confirming whether databases have free journals; that information is not provided to us directly from vendors. We have no automated way to generate and maintain this list.

    Therefore, we must rely on you, our clients, to help us maintain this list:

    • If you know a database has free journals but isn't on this list, let us know (using the Ex Libris Support Portal, accessible from the More Sites drop-down menu at the top of this page).

    • If you know journals in a database on this list aren't free, again, let us know.

    • If a provider doesn't distinguish between free and subscription-only journals in the monthly reports supplied to us, we appreciate updated information submitted from our user community.

    • If you know of a database that has free journals but it is not available in Client Center / Intota / Alma, please follow the instructions here.

    List of Free Open Access Databases.xls by ProQuest (spreadsheet updated March 9, 2020)

    Databases marked as zero-title databases are only available to libraries that subscribe to 360 Counter, 360 Resource Manager, 360 Search, or the Summon® service.

    TIP: If you use a proxy URL, select the Omit Proxy from this Database check box when you subscribe to these resources. It's not necessary to apply the settings as described in the Library Proxy section of the Database Details Page (for more information: Client Center users go here; Intota users go here).


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