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NERS 2024 - Content Requests - Status Page

As part of the NERS 2024 content requests, a number of new content requests were voted asking Ex Libris to reach out ot content providers and ask them to add their content to Ex Libris Knoledgebases. Following are the NERS content requests and their status.

The "expected release" indicated within the "Status" column is tentative and may change. Once the collection will be released, the release date will be indicated.

Request Link to Idea Exchange Ex Libris internal case ID Status
Add WIT Press eLibrary Idea Exchange CON-170637 Expected release - April 2024 Idea Exchange CON-170635 In communication with the provider
Publicera Idea Exchange CON-170638 In communication with the provider
Human Rights Watch reports Idea Exchange CON-170632

Added collection for Human Rights Watch reports

Collection ID: 


Bibliothèque numérique francophone Idea Exchange CON-170634
Unfortunately, the provider was not responsive so we will not be able to add their metadata to our Discovery Index.
If you have any direct contact with the provider, please let me know 
Amnesty International reports Idea Exchange CON-170636
Done as a zero-title database (provider was not responsive for providing metadata):
AMNESTY_INTERNATIONAL_REPORTS (dbid: ANSVJ), collection ID 615400000000000620.

KUT - Kaunas University of Technology Press

Idea Exchange


Idea Exchange

CON-171060 In communication with the provider
Digitale SAP Bibliothek / Espresso Tutorials Idea Exchange CON-171320 Initial outreach to provider - February 27, 2024
Lexbase Idea Exchange CON-171321 Initial outreach to provider - February 20, 2024
Connect database (Editions Diamond) Idea Exchange CON-171322 Initial outreach to provider - February 27, 2024
Swisslex Idea Exchange CON-171725 The provider is not able to send metadata.
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