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Springer Collection and Naming Changes - March 2024

Recent Springer Changes


In December 2023, Springer Nature introduced changes to the names of their collections at: and to the associated file names.

The changes were implemented in keeping with Springer Nature's commitment to adhere to the consistent collection and file naming conventions as defined by NISO KBART Recommended Practice.  

Ex Libris is in the process of incorporating these changes into the Knowledge Bases.  Also, the update mechanism is being reconfigured to accommodate the new file names.  The majority of the >1500 collection names have already been revised according to the information found on Springer Nature KBART site.  The project is scheduled for completion in 2024 (early in Q2).

Customers who encounter inconsistencies or errors in the new collection names are encouraged to open a support case so that our teams can prioritize the correction.

The changes relate to naming conventions and should not affect the content of the targets nor the links. 

A list of the name changes is available here:


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