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    Need to review and improve your current use of the system? Ex Libris Alma consultants will combine their deep product knowledge with an analysis of your library needs to highlight opportunities to improve efficiency or deploy new services.

    Optimize Premium Service

    Our Optimize service identifies new ways to streamline your use of Ex Libris Alma systems. A consultant will analyze processes, build a recommendation, and deliver configuration and training so that you can be confident you’re getting the most out of your investment.

    To ensure that recommendations align with your needs, all optimize services begin with an analysis phase. Your consultant will identify the key challenges and opportunities, then build an agenda for the service. Once the agenda is approved, the consultant will meet with your library to discuss current workflows and make recommendations for how to improve those workflows. An engagement summary is provided after the session is complete with instructions on how to implement the recommendations, focusing on configuring the system and preparing staff to manage and improve their work going forward.

    A typical service consists of three phases:

    • Review
      • Understand current workflows, processes, and assets
      • Manage staff expectations
      • Set agenda for the service
    • Optimize
      • Discussions of workflows and best practices
      • Demonstrations and trainings on workflows and configuration
    • Engagement summary
      • Activities and training performed
      • Configurations performed and recommended

    If you would like to know more, please contact for more information on this offering.

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