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    Support Response and Time to Resolve Initiative - FAQ


    In May 2022, we sent a survey to over 7,000 of our customers in an effort to get a better understanding of how satisfied you are with our products and services. Your Customer Delight Survey response, together with your case surveys and other interactions, have given us a clear picture of Ex Libris Support needs and expectations.


    We are excited to share our Response and Time to Resolve initiative – Project Flash!


    Starting mid-September, newly opened and active cases will receive quick attention and more frequent updates as we free up most of our analysts of the inactive and aged cases backlog.


    We will begin an intensive case review process of aged and inactive issues.

    As part of this process, these cases identified for handling by a dedicated review team will be transferred to the ownership of that team. A team of experienced analysts and managers will review the cases to determine next actions to address, close, or escalate the case for a planned resolution, and on what timeline.


    Our intent is this is a one-time initiative, we are confident these changes and a commitment to decisive action on issues that might have lingered in the past will result in immediate improvement to our teams’ responsiveness.


    In addition, the following changes will be applied to these case statuses to allow timelier and more efficient communications.

    • Pending Customer Input – the required information can be provided within 14 days before the case is automatically closed. An automated reminder will be sent after 7 days.
    • Pending Customer Testing – the fix/suggested solution can be tested for 3 months before the case is automatically closed. An automated reminder will be sent after 45 days.
    • Pending Work Plan – will no longer be used, cases that will not meet the foreseeable workplan will be closed.
    • Pending Product Review - will no longer be used.

    These changes will be applied going forward and will not retroactively impact cases in these statuses.

    Other cases statuses will not change. You can find detailed information regarding case statuses here - What is Case Status, and What Does It Mean?



    Where can you learn more?

    We will be hosting live webinars, so you can hear more and ask questions.

    See the slides here.

    1. Monday, September 12 4 pm Jerusalem / 8 am Chicago / 2 pm London / 3 pm Berlin

    Watch the recording here:

    1. Tuesday, September 13 1 pm Chicago / 11 am Vancouver / 8 am Honolulu / 9 pm Jerusalem

    Watch the recording here:

    1. Monday, September 19 4 pm Jerusalem / 8 am Chicago / 2 pm London / 3 pm Berlin
    1. Tuesday, September 20 1 pm Chicago / 11 am Vancouver / 8 am Honolulu / 9 pm Jerusalem

    Watch the recording here:

    1. Wednesday, September 21 7 am Jerusalem / 12 pm Singapore / 1 pm Seoul / 2 pm Sydney (time zone converter)




    How does shortening the time in 'Pending Customer Input' help make support more efficient?
    When our analysts get the additional information they need in a timely manner, they can get back to their analysis faster and more efficiently.
    If a long time passes, they need to review the case again, leading to additional overhead in case handling.
    Also, our analysis shows that since cases go back and forth several times, allowing 2 months turnaround time aggregates to many months of cases being processed towards resolution.

    We highly recommend using the 'Cases Waiting on Me (Support Center)' list view in Support Center to monitor cases waiting for your action.


    Can I reopen my case if it is already Closed?

    No, please use the Clone Case button to clone it into a new case.


    Will there be any changes to the 'Pending Development' status? What will happen with cases instead of them getting the 'Pending Work Plan' status?

    There will be no change to the 'Pending Development' status.

    Cases that will not be part of the Development work plan will be set to 'Awaiting Customer Confirmation' and will automatically close after the standard time.

    If you have any additional input for our consideration, please add a comment to the case.

    You can view these cases in Support Center by filtering cases with 'Resolution Type' equals 'Won't Fix'.


    How can I see if my case is identified to be handled by the dedicated review team?

    The Case Owner will change to one of the review teams (i.e. Alma Support Review Team).

    If you wish to see all your cases that are handled by one of these teams, you can create a custom case list view, and filter by 'Case Owner' contains 'Review'.

    See more details regarding working with case list views here: Working with Support Center Case List Views


    My case is owned by a ‘Review Team’, what does this mean?
    Your case is now assigned to the dedicated review team, it will be reviewed by our experienced analysts and managers to determine next actions.


    Are my cases in Cases in ‘Review Team’ are just going to be closed or wait for a long time to be reviewed?
    No. Cases are taken out of analysts’ current backlog to provide them with a review using the dedicated stakeholders for this purpose, rather than having analysts and other stakeholders get to them in their typical workflows. These cases will be reviewed diligently and acted upon with a fresh perspective.


    Can a case be removed from the ‘Review Team’ and sent back to the regular support team?
    If there is a specific reason to consider this, please contact your regional Support Director

    Region Contact E-mail

    North America

    Donald Nelson

    Latin America

    Oscar Caballero


    Martin Büscher


    Zvi Vogel


    Japan and Korea

    Kevin Cao


    I would like to escalate one of my ‘Review Team’ cases. How do I do that?
    You can use the Escalate button in the Support Center to escalate a case.


    When will you start being more responsive as a result?
    Reducing the ongoing queues and the case flow enhancements will impact our responsiveness on newer cases already in September.
    The progress of cases in review will be demonstrated over Q4 2022 and Q1 2023.



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