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    Client Center and Intota: Providing Data or Access to a Third Party

    • Product: 360 Core Client Center

    In what ways may we use our data? For example, is sharing data with a third-party application or system ok?

    As valued clients of ProQuest management and discovery services, you rely on our knowledgebase as a key, critical source of information about resources, as well as a repository for your library's holdings information. We recognize you have uses for our knowledgebase and its authoritative data beyond powering our services.
    ProQuest has supported, and will continue to support, open data practices where libraries can use data from our services in any way to benefit their library. Having said this, if your library is using, or wants to use, data from our services in a third-party application or system, please use the Contact Us menu at the top of the page so we can further our work of establishing agreements with other organizations, as well as informing our own development initiatives, to benefit all libraries using our services.
    ProQuest will continue to remain true to its heritage of empowering libraries to develop solutions that meet their needs. Founded on open data practices, our commitment to you remains:
    • Maintain the best knowledgebase
    • Enable innovation and efficiency
    • Promote choice in discovery and management services
    Evidence of our commitment is prevalent in our long history of making data available in a variety of different formats. From .csv reports of our A-to-Z title list to tools like the Client Center's Data on Demand feature that generates library holdings reports, APIs for several of our services, and custom data reports, we've repeatedly demonstrated our willingness to support libraries and their data needs.
    If you have any questions about our data practices or anything else, we encourage you to use the Support Portal option at the top of the page to contact us via phone or email.

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    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 16-Sep-2015
    • Old Article Number: 7530