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    Sample Leganto reading list

    Sample Leganto reading list

    If you would like to use our sample Leganto list, log into Leganto and create a new list.

    Choose Import, ensure you are importing Type lgn, and upload the Sample Demo List.lgn file. Click Create.

    Upload list.png

    Once you’ve done this, you’ll need scan through the first three sections to make sure everything is aesthetically pleasing and includes a “view online” link. Upon review, you may choose to remove a few citations or replace them with different resources. It’s important to note that uploaded files will not be included in the sample list. We recommend that you upload a sample PDF or PPT slide to the citation “Lecture Slides: Knowledge and Certainty” if you plan to highlight this as an option during your demo.

    Please note that the links to access the resources may not work. You can either replace them with a resource readily available via your library’s collection or simply not click on the resource in question during your demonstration. You may also want to add a physical item to the list.

    Finally, be sure to add relevant tags to a few of the resources to showcase what Leganto can do and how Leganto would appear to both instructors and students.

    Once you’ve edited your list as needed, set the citations to complete in Alma, set the list to complete and publish the list.  

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