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    After Upgrade to Revision 3.13, user attribute mapping not working

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: MetaLib
    • Product Version: 3

    We were able to successfully map the values in a particular field of the Aleph patron record to MetaLib's user group field using Aleph 14.2 and PDS 1.1 (MetaLib 3.12). However, we have been unsuccessful making this work with Aleph 16 and MetaLib 3.12. We upgraded to MetaLib 3.13 and cannot make it work.

    Attached please find sample of the pds_server.log submitted by BC. There will be several mappings once we have it working, but the example I am using is to map the z305-bor-status value of '08' to user group 'BC'.

    I edited bor_info.tags in two ways as I believe Aleph's X-server responds with different fields for an AUTHENTICATE or BOR_INFO request. Using the example already in the bor_info.tags file, I tried both of these mappings:

    bor-status,08 = group,BC

    That did not return the attributes, so I next tried:

    z305-bor-status,08 = group,BC

    and I began to get errors in the www_server log that the attributes could not be retrieved (Error was 'Can't get attributes from PDS' - see attached section of the log).

    How does one configure this mapping of patron attributes in PDS 1.2?

    Login details are in the first step escalated to 2nd line.

    Problem was resolved by adding the mapping to the correct file in ./pds/conf_table. According to the PDS documentation, the file should be called metalib.<institution>.tags. However, MetaLib is not sending the application name when requesting the bor_info service, so until a fix is available, rename the file <institution>.tags.

    Additional Information

    user attributes, bor_info, PDS,Revision 3.13

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013