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    Change SFX ALT Tags

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: MetaLib
    • Product Version: 4

    How can we change the SFX ALT tags to read something other than "SFX" etc.

    It is best to only change the ALT and TITLE tags via vi www_const.eng. There, find the "SFX" line and change the content after the "--" to your chosen text.
    However, there are some pages where the SFX tag also contains a document number ("//SFX\\ //Document number \\ $0800")
    If you want to change the complete tag, not just the SFX section, then remember:
    [1] Both the ALT and TITLE tags should be changed.
    [2] As always, be sure to make a backup copy of the file (eg, cp -p meta-3-body meta-3-body.20081231ab) before making any changes.

    In order to change the SFX icons' ALT tags to contain other text from within the HTML, look for occurrences of v-sfx.png and v-sfx-1.png (the SFX icon images) in the following files: (meta-3-body, my-ejournals-1-body, find-db-6-body, eshelf-2-body, full-record-view
    * eshelf-2-body
    * find-db-6-body
    * meta-3-body
    * my-ejournals-1-body
    * quick-3-body

    Sample Line:
    <a href="&server_vir?func=full-service-sfx&amp;doc_number=$0700&amp;line_number=0000&amp;service_type=REC&amp;P04=0000" onclick='javascript:open_window_sfx("&server_vir?func=full-service-sfx&amp;doc_number=$0700&amp;line_number=0000&amp;service_type=REC&amp;P04=0000");return false;' ><img src="&icon_path_&lng/v-sfx.png" alt="//SFX\\ //Document number \\ $0800" title="//SFX\\ //Document number \\ $0800"></a>

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013