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    Cluster/Facet Customization in MetaLib 4.0x, SP123

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: MetaLib
    • Product Version: 4

    Starting from SP 123 some aspects of the Cluster/Facets functionality are customizable.

    For Cluster/Facet Customization, for all local instances and all languages:

    (1) Please, note that the changes mentioned in section (1) for the html file www_const.<lng> are only relevant for the sites where the MetaLib Upgrade Express was applied.

    In the ./insNN/tab/www_const.<lng>, add the following terms under the Cluster/Facet section:

    TOPICS -- Topics
    DATES -- Dates
    AUTHORS -- Authors
    JOURNAL TITLES -- Journal Titles
    SUBJECTS -- Subjects
    DATABASES -- Databases
    After -- After
    Before -- Before

    These additions can also be seen in "MetaLib Version 4.0x - How to Customize Cluster-Facets" document (attached)

    (2) In the file ./insNN/js/Clustering.js:

    Replace the line, in the function HideAll

    if ( imgIdStr.indexOf("c1_Plus") > -1 )


    if ( imgIdStr.indexOf("_Plus") > -1 )

    Replace the line, in the function OpenSelected

    document.getElementById("c1_Plus" + display_id).src=icon_path + '/v-icon_minus.png';


    document.getElementById(cluster_id + "_Plus" + display_id).src=icon_path + '/v-icon_minus.png';

    Additional Information

    Cluster Facet, customization, settings

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013