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    Databases Checked or Unchecked in Subject Category Search

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: MetaLib
    • Product Version: 3

    What is it that determines which databases are checked or unchecked in subject category search by default?

    The server-wide parameter that controls the default pre-checked resources (all checked or none checked) is found in $metalib_conf/www_server.conf:
    setenv www_v_ird_selected_limit 15

    This number must be equal to or lower than the following parameter in the same file:
    setenv www_metalib_search_limit 15

    When a category-subcategory contains MORE than the www_metalib_search_limit, then none of the databases will be checked.

    Setting www_v_ird_selected_limit to equal zero means that NO databases are ever pre-selected (instead of the sometimes yes, sometimes no situation otherwise):
    setenv www_v_ird_selected_limit 0
    setenv www_metalib_search_limit 15

    If you are considering changing the www_metalib_search_limit parameter, please consult the MetaLib Support Team before the change, since this will effect system performance.

    setenv www_metalib_search_limit 10
    Defines the maximum number of databases that may be concurrently searched in the QuickSearch and MetaSearch modules. This parameter also defines how many resources can be added, that is, included in a QuickSet or in a user-defined set in My Space.

    setenv www_v_ird_selected_limit 10
    The number of preselected databases in Find Database and MetaSearch. The maximum setting for this parameter is the number set in metalib_search_limit above. The databases will appear as selected only if the number of databases in the set are equal to this parameter or less. (If you define a parameter of 6 selected databases, and the set consists of 8 databases, NO databases will be pre-selected).

    www_metalib_search_limit_select is the v2 name for the www_v_ird_selected_limit parameter.

    If you change this parameter, you must restart the www_m server:
    >> start_w

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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