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    MetaLib: installation of Service Pack fails with error message "rts32 couldn't be created"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: MetaLib

    Problem Symptoms:
    When one tries to install the MetaLib Service Pack with the utility util_sp_4, the following error message appears:

    Welcome to Service Pack Item 1-818 installation utility.
    Your current Service Pack Item level is 764.

    0. Exit Procedure
    1. Install Service Pack Items to level 818


    Please select [0]: 1
    Are you sure you want to install Service Pack Items to level 818 Y/[N] Y
    Performing preliminary checks of critical functions...
    compile_cc: test_comp check_compile_c
    compile_cc: test_comp check_compile_cc
    compile ora: check_compile_ora.pc

    Pro*C/C++: Release - Production on Thu Mar 6 15:57:37 2014

    Copyright (c) 1982, 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

    System default option values taken from: /exlibris/app/oracle/product/11r2/precomp/admin/pcscfg.cfg

    compile_cc: test_comp check_compile_ora
    Critical error: rts32 couldn't be created

    press <Enter> to continue

    When one enters the command "create_rts" on the command line, the following error message appears:

    $ create_rts
    create rts
    /exlibris/metalib/m4_1/aleph/exe/aleph.o: could not read symbols: File in wrong format
    mv: cannot stat `/exlibris/metalib/m4_1/aleph/exe/rts32x': No such file or directory

    -- The script $alephm_proc/create_rts calls the script $alephm_proc/create_aleph_lib.

    -- The script create_aleph_lib created the file /exlibris/metalib/m4_1/aleph/exe/aleph.o for the 64-bit CPU architecture.

    -- However, MetaLib requires the file aleph.o

    Correct the script create_aleph_lib by adding the parameter -m32, as described above.

    Run the compilation test script $alephm/scratch/test_compile (as UNIX user metalib):

    $ cd $alephm_scratch
    $ ./test_compile

    Make sure that the script completes successfully.

    Start the installation of the MetaLib Service Pack again.

    Additional Information

    The root cause of this problem (parameter -m32 missing in script $alephm_proc/create_aleph_lib) is a bug in MetaLib. This bug has been fixed in change 804 which is available in MetaLib Service Pack 4.5.3 (793-804).

    Category: Installation & Upgrades (ML) - MetaLib

    Subject: Service Pack (ML) - MetaLib

    • Article last edited: 5/26/2014