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    Remove Institution Name from Banner

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: MetaLib
    • Product Version: 4

    How can I remove the institution name from the top banner?

    To remove the institution's name from the top right hand side of the MetaLib banner, edit the file ./insNN/www_v_<lng>/banner-1.
    Find the line:

    <TD valign="top" class="HeaderTxt" background="&icon_path_&lng/v-Header.gif" width="212" align="right">$INST<IMG SRC="&icon_path_&lng/v-pixel.gif" WIDTH="212" HEIGHT="1" BORDER="0" alt=""></TD>

    and remove the place holder label "$INST".

    You might need to remove the institution's UTF files, empty your browser's cache and/or start a new browser session for this change to take place.

    $INST displays the institution name.
    For guest users, this value is taken from ./vir00/tab/default_z312.
    For logged in users, it is the institution to which the user belongs.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013