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    Analytics Evidence PS7 - Many Referrer Data Empty Entries for Both UIs

    Created By: Igelu-Eluna Analytics
    Created on: 1/15/2019

    Primo New UI - Although referrer data has been added to the Action Group Subject Area, there are a significant amount of empty entries on the Classic UI, and no data at all for the new UI.

    Q: How user group data is being mapped into the new UI and Primo VE and is the mapping table is still relevant or not?  Documentation still needs to be updated.

    Ex Libris Response:  Currently Primo displays the Alma user groups.  Ex Libris had intended to force it to use the Primo mapping table, but has received user feedback that the Alma groups are prefered.  Ex Libris is evaluating the options and would like to receive user feedback.  (Alex Forrest feedback is that she considers Alma groups to be better).  

    Yael (not Yoel) has been hired to work on Primo Analytics. Yael says the referrer data should be fixed in the next 3 months. Aim was for Ex Libris to turn back to use the table mapping but they got feedback from the Primo WG that they prefer the new method. of using Alma Groups. Alice Tippitt and Alex Forrest agree. The problem is the Alma Groups don't match up with the old data that was collected but users are willing to live with this. Davin asked if data from classic Primo would be migrated to new Primo VE? Yael says the data pre-migration should be there. Davin says he will send screen shots and open a SF case.

    status: open
    priority: high
    subject area: action usage

    Use Case:

    The missing data means that reports on referrer data from the Action Usage Subject Area are not accurate.SalesForce cases 369358, 429583, 400923, 473801, 530797, 625850, 628836.

    From the IGeLU-ELUNA Analytics Working Group, Analytics Evidence Document

    Please send questions or comments to the Analytics Working Group Listserv

    Old Content:

    Original statement:  "User group information available for the classic UI is not available in the New UI."

    As of November 2018 user group information is now in Analytics for the new UI. The user group mapping table is no longer relevant, but this was not announced nor is this mentioned in the documentation causing a lot of confusion amongst users.