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    Primo VE: Hiding specific facets

    Created By: François Renaville
    Created on: 12/12/2018

    If you do not want to display a code's label in Primo VE, specify NOT_DEFINED per language (the setting of the Enabled field has no effect on the display of the label). 

    Unfortunelly, when definning a label with NOT_DEFINED it will just leave the label empty from text, but the placeholder for it will remain. In the example below, the Top Level Open Access facet was configured as NOT_DEFINED (code: facets.facet.tlevel.open_access), but placeholder and Include and Exclude checkboxes are still active.

    You need to use the customization package to hide whole placeholder.

    Add the following line in custom1.css to hide the Open Access facet:

    /* Hide Open Access Top level facet */

    If you want to add the Peer Reviewed facet, use:

    /* Hide Peer Reviewed Top level facet */

    facet-element-marker-tlevel and data-facet-value can be found by inspecting the page:

    Another usage could be to use this code to hide a particular library from your Library facet, for example if you have some libraries that you don't want to promote but exist as libraries in your ILS (small 'libraries' used as closed stacks, dummy libaries created for administrative reasons...).

    To remove library "Bibliothèque Graulich" from the Library facet, I would use the following line:

    /* Hide Bib Graulich from the Library facet section */


    • 2321 is our Alma institution_id
    • 13157020002321 is our Alma library_id

    For every library you want to hide, the data-facet-value will be different.

    Note: No need to specify NOT_DEFINED in the Alma Labels configuration table. The default description can remain.