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    Testing the Central Discovery Index (CDI)

    Created By: Lesli Moore
    Created on: 3/06/2020

    At the start of enablement, I found myself struggling to figure out the best way to test the Central Discovery Index. After some trial and error (big thanks to Brian Kern for help), I developed a more focused plan for testing CDI. First, I defined some areas that needed to be tested. This is just a guideline. Every institution will have different configurations and different needs.

    Testing points

    Types of searches

    • Short topic search
      e.g. ‘third molar extraction’, ‘public health education’
    • Known item search using title
      e.g. ‘Cardioprotection against acute myocardial infarction’
    • Known item search using title + author
      e.g. ‘molecular cancer mendelsohn’
    • Author only search
      e.g. ‘Aldous Huxley’
    • Boolean
      e.g. zombies AND (plant* OR frog* OR ant*) NOT (gam* OR videogam*)

    Expand my results (where appropriate)

    • Review brief display elements
    • Review full display elements
    • Rights issues?
    • Access issues?





    Display -- Brief

    • Relevancy -- in particular are there collections that is causing problems with relevance.
    • Fields displayed
    • Snippets
    • Indicators (Peer Reviewed, Open Access, etc)
    • Resource Types (in the results list)
    • Facets
    • Sorting
    • Actions
    • Citation trail
    • Availability statements

    Display -- Full

    • Resource Types
    • Fields displayed
    • Snippets
    • Related resources (e.g. other chapters of books)
    • Indicators (Peer Reviewed, Open Access, etc)
    • Services
    • Actions
    • Citation trail


    • Article level
    • Portfolio level
    • Collection level
    • Link resolver
    • Link in record
    • OpenURL


    Simple search & Advanced Search

    • Boolean searches
    • Wildcards
    • Quotation Marks
    • Query expansion via controlled vocab
      (e.g. Including "myocardial infarction". Just search heart attack)




    Next, I set up a spreadsheet that everyone at my institutions could edit and update. This is a sample. Again, this is a guideline. Every institution will have different configurations and different needs. Also, I prefer to err on the side of a little too much detail when testing.

    Testing spreadsheet

    Search Type Rights Leveli Linking Level Collection Portfolio Search Terms Comments Location Tester URL - PCI URL - CDI PCI docID CDI docID PCI Source CCI Source
     simple - boolean   n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  zombies AND (plant* OR frog* OR ant*) 

    Looking at relevancy
    Confused by how Primo handles
    relevancy with wildcards and boolean

     simple - boolean  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  zombies AND (plant* OR frog* OR ant*) 

    Found while relevancy testing
    Conference Proceeding
    link in GetIt for PCI not for CDI
    no GES in CDI (probably SAR related)


    Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions for more testing areas.

    lmmoore2 (at) mdanderson (dot) org

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