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    Rollout Schedule and Plan for SFX Customers

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    Rollout Plan

    SFX/Primo customers will start moving to CDI in August 2020. The CDI rollout plan takes into consideration that many institutions require flexibility in terms of when they switch to production with CDI. To provide that flexibility, the move to CDI will consist of the following phases.

    1. Enablement (August/September 2020) – For Customers using SFX in our cloud we will copy all activations from your current Primo Central Institutional profile to your SFX environment (SFXAdmin) and enable all CDI functionality on SFX.  Customers with local installations will have to run the move themselves. We will add an option to server_admin_util for you to initiate that move. Once initiated, the move will work automatically. For more details, see Preparing for the Move to CDI and CDI Enablement Phase.

    2. Individual Switchover (September - November 2020) – When ready, all customers are encouraged to switch to production with CDI. This is simply done by setting a flag in your Primo Central institutional profile. When set, the system will direct all searches to CDI instead of Primo Central. For more details, see Individual Switchover Phase.

    3. General Switchover  (November - December 2020) – During this phase, we will switch all remaining customers automatically to production with CDI. This applies to all cloud customers as well as customers with local installations. For more details, see General Switchover Phase.

    For consortia, all member institutions will be moved to CDI and switched to production with CDI together.

    Rollout Schedule

    The table below lists the dates on which the CDI Enablement and CDI General Switchover phases are scheduled for your SFX environment. These phases are described in more details here. To see which environment your SFX institution resides, please check the SFX asset in the Support Portal (SalesForce).

    • For SFX Cloud customers, Ex Libris will perform both phases for you.

    • For customers with local SFX installations, you will need to run the CDI enablement phase yourself locally, and Ex Libris will perform the switchover phase for you centrally.

    If you have subscribed to status updates for your environment, notifications will be sent a week before the move and when the move has completed.

    SFX Environment Enablement Switchover
    SFX NA01 - SFX NA04 August 2, 2020 March 14, 2021
    SFX NA05, SFX NA06, and local customers with local SFX installations August 9, 2020
    SFX APAC02, SFX APAC03, SFX APAC05SFX APAC06SFX APAC07 - SFX APAC09, SFX CN02 August 16, 2020 April 25, 2021
    SFX EU01 - SFX EU03, SFX EU05 - SFX EU09 August 23, 2020 April 11, 2021
    SFX EU10 - SFX EU12, SFX EU14 - SFX EU18 August 30, 2020 April 18, 2021
    SFX NA11 - SFX NA13, SFX NA15SFX NA17SFX NA18, and SFX CN01 September 6, 2020 March 21, 2021
    NA on dedicated cloud environments September 13, 2020 March 21, 2021
    EU on dedicated cloud environments September 13, 2020 April 18, 2021

    Preparing for the Move to CDI

    In general, the CDI Enablement Phase does not require you to do anything since it will happen in the background automatically. Customers with local installations do have to initiate the move themselves but again, once initiated, the process runs automatically.

    However, you may want to perform the following before the move:

    Please also take note of the requirements to move sandbox activations to SFX (see How Are Sandbox/Test Environments Treated in the Move to CDI?).

    The CDI Rollout Phases in Detail

    CDI Enablement Phase (August/September 2020)

    In this phase, your activations are moved from your Primo Central institutional profile to SFX and all CDI functionality on SFX will be enabled. Cloud customers will receive a notification a week prior to the move and when the move has completed. Customers with local installations will have to run the move themselves with a new option that we will add to server_admin_util. If you have a local SFX installation please make sure you are using RH 6 (6.10 as a minimum) or 7 (7.6. as a minimum), and that your Perl version was upgraded by using the upgrade kit Ex Libris provided.

    After the move, the following information will be included in a report that is viewable in your SFX environment:

    • A list of all your active collections in your Primo Central institutional profile.

    • The actions that were performed on each collection that was processed in the move to SFX.

    This report is purely for your information; no action is needed.

    The move process during CDI Enablement includes the following:

    • All Primo Central activations will be activated in your SFX production environment for search as they were in your Primo Central institutional profile at the time of the move. Collections that are set to full text available at the collection level in Primo Central, but are not active for full text in SFX will will be set to active for full text as well, you can track those activations in the move report. Any changes that you make to your Primo Central institutional profile after the move will not automatically appear in SFX and will have to be added manually. However, many of those activations may already occur in SFX as part of your activation flows.

    • We will add new search collection to the SFX KB to ensure full parity with Primo Central. Such collections do not have portfolios and are activated on target level only.

    This move will not affect your current full text activations in SFX; it affects only the CDI settings in SFX.

    • The move report will become available in your SFX environment

    • The CDI related functionality and data will be enabled in SFX. You will see the CDI-specific fields and filters on SFXAdmin.

    • Publishing to CDI will be enabled, and CDI will be localized with your SFX settings. Activation changes from SFX (including the activations from the move from Primo Central) take between 24 and 48 hours to take effect.

    Primo Central will continue to use the holdings file to calculate availability settings as before.

    CDI uses different default settings than Primo Central. While in Primo Central collections need to be active for search before they become discoverable, with CDI, all active full text on SFX will automatically be searchable, regardless whether you set it to active for search as well or not.

    • Customers will remain live with Primo Central, but they can see CDI search results (for example, to check activations and full text settings) by adding an extra parameter to their Primo production URL.

    • Until the switchover to production with CDI, you can continue to manage Primo Central activations as you did previously. After the move, changes (Activations/Deactivations) on the Primo Central Institutional Profile will not be reflected in SFX.

    Library patrons will not be affected by the CDI Enablement phase, they will continue to see Primo Central results as before. Librarians can start using SFX for activations and availability settings for CDI and run searches in CDI from their institutional Primo environments.

    Individual Switchover Phase (September – November 2020)

    Customers can go live with CDI at any time during this phase, this applies to both group, cloud customers and customers with local SFX installations. The trigger to go into production is a simple setting on the Primo Central institutional profile page. The switch to production will trigger the following:

    • Searches in Primo will be directed to CDI instead of Primo Central.

    • The Primo Central institutional profile is set to read-only to avoid any misunderstandings, and search activations will be managed in SFX.

    For library patrons, the move to production with CDI will cause minimal disruption. They will see merged records instead of the grouped records in the results list, and they may see some smaller changes in the ranking because CDI uses a different technology than Primo Central. In addition, CDI will introduce some new resource types (see here). Permalinks will work to a large percentage as before (> 90 %), and we will match the document numbers from Primo Central that are part of the permalinks to the new document numbers in CDI whenever possible.

    General Switchover Phase (November - December 2020)

    All remaining SFX customers will be switched automatically to production with CDI during this phase. Again, this applies to both groups, cloud customers and customers with local SFX installations. You will receive a notification a week prior to the switchover. The effect is the same as the Individual Switchover Phase.

    How Are Sandbox/Test Environments Treated in the Move to CDI?

    If you have an SFX test environment (test instance) and there is a one-to-one relation between one Primo Central institutional profile and the SFX test instance, activations are moved in the same way as for the production environment. The move process will update the SFX test instance with the activations from the corresponding Primo Central institutional profile. A one-to-one relationship exists if all the following conditions are met:

    • Separate Primo Central institutional profiles exist for Primo sandbox and production.

    • A separate SFX environment exist for testing and production.

    • The holdings file URL in the Primo Central institutional profile for the sandbox points to the holdings file from the SFX test instance.

    However, some SFX customers are using the same full text holdings file from their SFX production environment for both the Primo sandbox and Primo production environments while they have separate institutional profiles in Primo Central. In this scenario, the holdings URL in the two Primo Central institutional profiles is the same and therefore the full text activations are the same on the production and the sandbox environment while the Primo Central search activations are different. If you use the same HoldingsURL for your production and your sandbox environments we will move your PC activations only to your production SFX instance and NOT to your sandbox environment. In order to move any activations from your sandbox Primo Central PCKEY you need to change the HoldingsURL in your Primo Central sandbox institutional profile to point to your SFX test instance.

    There will be an option, after the move, to re-instate the connection to the production instance from the Primo Sandbox for full text activations while doing the search activations from the SFX test instance.

    Subscribing to CDI Move Notifications

    Notifications will be sent to subscribers to status updates for each SFX cloud environment. If you do not subscribe to such notifications, perform the following:

    1. Go to

    2. Find your environment in the list.

    3. Select the envelope icon in the Email Alerts column.

    4. Add your email address and your institution name.


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