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    Known Gaps and Issues

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    The following table lists areas on which we are still working. This may be because of functional gaps (such as Primo features that CDI does not yet support) or defects that were detected during testing. We may also make changes—for example, to the Alma User Interface, based on your feedback. In addition, this list contains the fix's target release and status. The FIXED status indicates that the item was fixed as part of the listed release.

    Release dates are as follows:

    • For all items marked as Primo (CDI) – First Wednesday of each month (for example: June 3rd and July 1st) except for May, which is May 13th.

    • For all items marked as Alma – First Sunday of each month (for example: May 3rd, June 7th, and July 5th).

    Alma/CDI (Primo) Area Description Target release
    CDI (Primo) Activation source We had reports of missing activation sources in some records. This is currently in analysis. The goal is that all activation sources appear in every record as documented in Checking Which Collection Is Causing a Specific Record to Appear in CDI. In analysis
    CDI (Primo) DBID field search in CDI Using the DBID field search currently returns only content from collections that have DBID level rights (collections without portfolio level rights). This will be corrected, and the missing collections will be added. More information about the DBID field search, see Finding a CDI Record for a Specific Alma Collection You Activated for Full Text or Search. April
    CDI (Primo) "Citation available" special status There is a set of mainly Hebrew collections that require a special status “citation available” to distinguish between citation and full text content. Currently, this status does not work properly and will be fixed.  January - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management Based on your feedback, we will make the process flow to activate collections that require a subscription to be searchable clearer in Alma. Such collections do not use the activate for search function in Alma, but they must be active in Alma. The process changes include the following:
    • The option to activate the collection for search will become read-only in the Electronic collection editor 'CDI' tab (both on institution level in for available for - multi-campus’.
    • The action 'Activate for Search' will be removed in the CZ and institution result list for collections with ‘CDI search rights: Subscription’ settings.
    January - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management CDI database ID is currently not searchable on Alma and will be added. December - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Personalized ranking We found a problem with some of the disciplines. The value is not passed on correctly to CDI and therefore no change in the ranking is visible. This applies to about half of the disciplines, mainly those that consist of more than one word. December - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Collection facet and Activation source Not all collections currently appear in the collection facet or have an activation source in their source field. This is because DBIDs for some collections with portfolios are missing from CDI records. This requires a reload of collections and will therefore be resolved over time. Q4 - FIXED for the majority of collections. Please see documentation for details.
    CDI (Primo) Rights update frequency We are aiming for the CDI rights update to be completed within 48 hours, yet, currently, the process takes longer (around 72 hours). It will be improved gradually to meet the 48 hour target. Ongoing (several changes are required that will be released separately)
    CDI (Primo) Citation Trail Currently, a citation will only appear if metadata is available from active collections. This is not correct because every citation should be returned, regardless whether the metadata is coming from a collection that is searchable (either because the full text is active or because it is set to active for search) or not. The impact is very low for institutions that have many collections active for search, it may be higher for institutions with few search activations. To be confirmed
    SFX Collection management The CDI exports for databases with 0 titles (where the entire collection is available in fulltext) and search activations does currently not contain activations inherited from the default institute. October - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management Addition of more information about alternative coverage (Coverage Percentage) September - FIXED, but data still needs to be populated
    CDI (Primo) ORCID search Currently, ORCID searches in CDI do not work. This will be corrected. September - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management Add a CDI-only full text activation option to the following areas to allow collections to suppress the collection's bibliographic record and still publish it to CDI:
    • Collection list (collection action list)
    • Electronic collection editor
    August Release Update (collection action list and for groups in the electronic collection editor) - FIXED

    September release (electronic collection editor) - FIXED

    CDI (Primo) Author facet The author facet currently only contains authors from the local indexes. We removed the authors returned by CDI because of some issues with system processes. They require optimization before we can remove the restriction. 

    This development will not be available right away with the August release. It will go through performance testing and be released once this is concluded with satisfactory results. We will update this list once it is released.

    To be confirmed
    Alma Collection Management The In CDI: No flag still persists for some collections in Alma. This is a defect and will be fixed. August - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management Based on feedback from customers, we will change the name of the In CDI flag to Available for CDI search activation in the Alma interface to make its meaning clearer. We will also add an i icon at the end of the flag to allow users to see more information by hovering the cursor over the icon. August - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management The Alma > Electronic Collection Editor  > 'History' tab does not yet record all changes made in the CDI tab. This will be added. August - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Linking Based on feedback from many customers, we are changing the following link rule in the merged record:
    If the library has access to at least one of the collections that use the link in the record, those collections will be given precedence over the collections that use OpenURL. Links that use a document ID will be given priority over metadata links.


    If the library has access to at least one of the collections that use the link in the record and that link is not for an open access item, those collections will be given precedence over the collections that use OpenURL. Links that use a document ID will be given priority over metadata links. If the "link in the record" collection is open access, then the OpenURL link will be given precedence.

    For more information on linking rules, see Linking and the Merged Record.

    August - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management Currently in Alma, it is only possible to suppress portfolios from being published to CDI if the collection is marked with In CDI: yes. This is especially problematic for ebook collections that are not in CDI because the results list contains their bibliographic records as well as the CDI records.

    To allow you to suppress all your relevant ebook collections, we are going to make the following changes:

    • The Do not show as Full Text available in CDI even if active in Alma suppression function will be added to all collections with services and portfolios that are not marked with In CDI: yes. For these ebook collections, we will also add a CDI tab on the Electronic Collection Editor page that contains only this suppression function.

    • A search filter will be added to Alma to allow you to filter by collections that have this setting.

    July (Suppress function) - FIXED

    August (Additional filter)

    Alma Alma Analytics CDI specific fields will be added to the E-Inventory subject area. July - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Facets Excluding the library collections in the Top level facets also excludes CDI records. This will be fixed so that CDI records remain in the results set July - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Facets In cases where a collection has many sub-collections that are activated separately the collection facet lists every one of them. This is not useful in cases where for example the sub-collections represent specific date ranges, (e.g. Web of Science). This will be changed to be displayed as one collection in the facets.   July - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Facets When selecting a resource type facet, the result list can include other resource types. This happens if the merged record has participants with different resource types. This behavior is not incorrect, but since it is confusing for the user, it will be changed. July - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Related items The rights filter for related items has not been added yet. Currently all items appear, regardless of whether they are available in full text or not June - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management For certain collection types records remain discoverable in CDI after the collection has been deactivated in Alma. This applies to collections that have no portfolios, but contain full text June - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management A new indication will be added to the Alma collection list to distinguish between "database" type collections that are A&I as opposed to full text databases. June - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management Addition of an "Provider Coverage" field to indicate whether coverage is coming directly from a provider or from alternative coverage  June - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management In some cases, inactive portfolios in a selective collection are discoverable in CDI  June - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management: Changes to the "In CDI" flag Based on feedback from many of you we made some changes and additions to the Alma UI to help with some of the confusion around search activations:

    - A number of collections have the In CDI flag set to No. This indicates that the collection cannot be activated for search separately from the search activations, but it caused confusion because the collections can still be indexed in CDI. This was changed to not show the In CDI = No flag anymore, and the In CDI = Yes flag will remain, because it marks collections that can be activated for search separately from the full text activation.

    - Added a mouseover to the In CDI = Yes flag to provide some more information about that status.
    June - FIXED
    Alma Facets The facet count in Alma is not always correct after searching for an electronic collection. There is currently no solution to provide accurate numbers, they were removed to avoid confusion.  June - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Advanced search The advanced search currently does not support the “Starts with” option when searching for a title or a  publication title   June - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Advanced search In some cases, specific field searches lead to no or results rank too low (e.g. combinations of title/author/date searches or searches in the subject field).  March – June - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Basic Search Searching for DOI as a keyword returns too many results in CDI June - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Facets In some cases, the open access facet does not limit to Open Access results and other records are included in the list. June - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Facets Top level Peer Review facet returns wrong value June - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Facets, Advanced search, sort by date In some cases the date facet and (advanced) search by date return items that are outside the given date range. This can happen if one or more of the logical records (the records the merged record is created from) contains wrong date information. This also affects the sort by date function (such items may not be ranked correctly and you may for example get a newer item on top although you sorted by date oldest). This issue will be fixed, as far as possible in the metadata but also in the system processes.  June (Date Sort) - FIXED
    July - Date Facet
    CDI (Primo) Linking CDI does not yet support multiple links in the PNX. This is used in some of the Hebrew Collections in Primo Central and will be added to CDI as well.  June - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management Publishing information is not available for records published to CDI. We had cases reported where the publishing history for the "Publishing electronic records to Central Discovery Index" job is missing in the Alma UI. This can be solved by editing and saving the publishing profile: Go to Resources > Publishing profiles in Alma, click on edit for the Central Discovery Index publishing profile and click 'Save'. You should be able to see the history after the next time the job ran. No code change - Solution description will be documented
    Alma Collection Management Change to CDI descriptive field labels in the Alma UI based on customer feedback May - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management Crossref electronic collections caused an issue with false positives on the Primo UI May - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management Unable to change selection for "Active for Search in CDI status" in Electronic Collection Editor. There is a problem with the search activation in the Electronic Resource Editor that causes search activations to fail. Please use the search activation function in the result list until this is fixed. May - FIXED
    Alma Electronic Resource Editor There is a problem with the search activation in the Electronic Resource Editor that causes search activations to fail. Please use the search activation function in the result list until this is fixed. May - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Display Add the subtitle to the display title in the PNX May - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Display Snippet Info does not always display correctly on the Primo User Interface. May - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Facets Exclude restricted collections from the collection facet when user is not authenticated May - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Full display "View record" link The full display of a record shows incorrect labels for records that do not use the link resolver: "View record" instead of "Access content in <provider>" May - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Performance Some searches in some environments led to timeouts (limited results found message). This was caused by large metadata records.  May - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Search Hebrew search enhancements that exist in Primo Central are not yet added to CDI. May - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Search ORCID search will be added to CDI. Currently, ORCIDs are already searchable with a ORCID: prefix but not on their own.  May - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Search Suppport  to search resource type and for recordid with a wildcard is missing from the  CDI basic search.  May - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Search Add support for search by record ID with a wildcard and the resource type. May/June - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Times cited (Primo Classic UI) The times cited feature from Scopus and Web of Science is not yet available in Primo's classic user interface. May - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management After editing a collection and setting it to active for search the cancel button does not work as expected March - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management Support for the Sandbox PCKEY to use full text activations from the Alma production environment and search activations from the Alma sandbox March - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Availability Updates to availability logic to correct false negatives and false positives in availability indication  March - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Citation Trail Citation trail calls are not authenticating  March - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Facets "New Resource" facet is missing March - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Facets Records merging into one merged logical record can come from different collections. Not all of those collections are currently available in the collection facet. March - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Link to full text for alternative coverage results For active full text collections not indexed in CDI from the original content provider CDI will look for metadata across the entire index and flag them as available. These records use the Alma link resolver to link to the full text platform available to the institution. In some cases such records do not use the link resolver but the link in the record. This will be corrected. March - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Search CDI returns for some searches too many results. This can lead to relevance problems when sorting results. This long tail will be reduced over time. March and ongoing
    Alma Collection Management The Active for Full Text in CDI only indication is missing from the UI (CDI Tab) for multi campus February - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management Addition of a CDI Notes field per collection to the  list of editable CDI fields in the CDI tab of the electronic collection editor.  February - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management CDI activation status on CDI Tab does not match ecollection brief record tab Alma collection displays as Active for Search in CDI in brief record display but not active for search on CDI Tab.  February - FIXED
    Alma Collection Management Field for inheritance indication is not displayed or  editable February - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Availability Add a 'Citation Online' status to selected Hebrew collections February - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Display Add ORCID search to CDI February - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Display Correct adddata PNX fields for reference entries February - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Display Full view of record contains participant collections that are not active.  February - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Display Remove the display/creation date for records without a publication title February - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Facets Dataset resource type value appears twice February - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Facets Incorrect facet value keys led to errors with the Open Access facet February - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Facets Incorrect mapping for Research Guide facet February - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Linking Links from WoS and Scopus records to the native interface do not work (CDI does not return SCOPUS and WOS Record IDs in Times Cited fields).  February - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Relevance Add personalized ranking February - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Search Enable query expansion in CDI February - FIXED
    CDI (Primo) Sort CDI Sort by title causes some records not to return February - FIXED
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