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    Europeana collection in CDI

    In January 2021, we loaded content from Europeana to CDI.

    Europeana  ( is an aggregator of digitized cultural heritage material from thousands of European institutions.

    The CDI collection includes 70 million records, including books, images, video and audio recordings, and many more.

    Links are provided by Europeana to metadata records. In some cases the image or text will be available on the Europeana website, and in some cases there will be link directing from Europeana to the partners' domains. Those links, which are maintained by the contributing institutions, may not resolve as expected.

    Although all metadata is freely available, the rights status of each item varies. Europeana publishes a rights statement for each record as defined by the contributing institution, so we recommend that you check the status on the Europeana site.

    The collection is of type Database, and activating it will show all its content as Full text available, with direct links to the Europeana website.

    The collection is defined as an Open Access collection, since the content is not commercial and does not require subscription. However, the records do not have an Open access indication, since Europeana does not use the Open Access indication as used in academic content, but provides rights information under the guidelines of Creative Commons.






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