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    Hybrid Collections in CDI

    As of September 2021, CDI will start supporting hybrid collection types for linking and availability calculation.

    Up to now, collections used only one linking method calculation: either Link Resolver or Link in Record (with availability set on collection level and linking is stored in the record).

    With the introduction of the hybrid type, collections can now use both linking methods and select the one that is best suited for each content type. This means part of a collection is based on Link Resolver and the active portfolios in Alma/SFX, and part is based on the collection level availability setting, using Link in Record. This change will enhance the granularity and accuracy of rights calculation and linking particularly for aggregator collections with mixed content.


    The new behavior will be live with by end of September 2021.

    The new hybrid indication on SFX/Alma collections will be added in the first November revision/release.

    The change of collections to the hybrid types will happen over time. New hybrid collections will be added to the Hybrid collection list below in this page, and will also be part of the weekly CDI release notes here.

    As a first step, we are changing 101 PQ collections to Hybrid Full text. See full list below.


    As detailed here, CDI has main 4 collections types:

    • Full text collections using Link Resolver
    • Full text collections using the Link in Record
    • Database with Full text using Link in Record
    • A&I databases using Link Resolver

    We are now introducing 2 new collection types: Hybrid Full text collections and Hybrid A&I collections.

    Hybrid Full Text Collections

    Full text Rights: Link Resolver

    Linking: Hybrid

    CDI Type: Full text collection

    Some collections contain a mix of content types: traditional academic content such as journals and books, but also non-traditional content types such as videos, images, etc. and primary sources such as newspapers and historic content.

    Content with standard identifiers (ISSN/ISBN) such as journal articles and books usually work very well with link resolvers which calculate the appropriate copy an institution has access to and shows all the options as configured by the library. However, content without such identifiers (often primary sources, historic content or non-traditional content types) work better with using Link in Record. Such content may even be unique (only available from one platform) and therefore there is only one link available. Using the link resolver for such content can be very problematic because the link resolver relies on a stable matching mechanism, such as identifier or title match. The latter can be unreliable because titles often vary depending on the metadata source.

    Until now, these collections were using Link Resolver only which worked well for some but not all content. With the introduction of Hybrid Full text collections, the linking method is set per content type. While part of the content will still be using Link Resolver, the other part will use Link in Record method and go directly to the provider platform without the link resolver involved.

    Criteria for Link in record in Hybrid Full Text collections

     - No identifiers


     - Resource/content type = Dissertation

    For either criteria, the linking method will be Link in Record. Other content will continue to use Link Resolver (no change). Please see the full list of collections below.

    What do you need to do now?

    If you have set the selective setting ("We subscribe only to some titles in this collection") to any of these collections, we recommend NOT using this setting once a collection has changed to collection type “hybrid”.

    By turning off the selective setting, all records of these collections, including those with no identifiers, will appear as full text available based on the collection level activation but – unlike before – only the ID content will use Link Resolver while the other content will use Link in Record.


    Customers who have the Alma Level URL (Override) configured (as instructed in the Configuring a Custom URL and Public Name for Electronic Collections guide) will be able to use it for the institution authentication in Link in Record content.

    For example: Customer who added the URL (, will have direct links to ProQuest with the configured account ID which they need for authentication to PQ.

    Hybrid A&I Collections

    Full text Rights: Hybrid

    Linking: Hybrid

    CDI Type: Hybrid

    Some Abstracting and Indexing databases (A&I) contain full text for part of their content.

    Usually the linking method for A&I collections is Link Resolver. The A&I metadata records are used for discovery and appear as Full text available with a link when they match to at least one active portfolio with a full text service in Alma/SFX. However, for those records where the full text is available from the A&I provider’s platform, this may not work because there may not be a portfolio in Alma/SFX. Up to now these records were not flagged as full text available. With the new Hybrid A&I collection, records that are delivered by the content provider with a clear indication that there is full text available on the A&I provider’s platform and contain a link to that full text will be set to full text available regardless whether there is a full text portfolio in Alma/SFX or not, and the link in record method will be used. All other content will continue to use the link resolver and to calculate availability based on active portfolios.
    Note, in cases the records with the direct links to the A&I platform are Open Access and have another subscription for this resource from a Link Resolver collection, Primo will show the link Resolver link and not the Open access one. This is expected behavior as explained in Link Prioritization in the Merged Record.

    What do you need to do now?

    Hybrid A&I collections are collections of type database. The new behavior will be applied once a collection is changed to the new hybrid A&I type AND it is active for full text in Alma (or uses the “activate for Full Text in CDI only” setting). If you have such collections only active for search, nothing will change.  In more detail - for pure A&I databases (not hybrid) you can use either the search activation function, or activate them for full text. There is no difference in the user experience in Primo, regardless which setting you use. However, for hybrid A&I collections, you need to have the collection active in Alma (for full text) or use the “activate for Full Text in CDI only” option. Otherwise the content will be searchable, but only items with an association to an active portfolio in Alma will be flagged as full text available.

    We recommend that you check the list of hybrid A&I databases below and make sure that you have those that apply active in Alma.


    Hybrid Collections have 2 DBIDs on the DBID field in Alma/SFX in the Provider package code (DB ID) and in the CDI Collection ID (DB ID) field under CDI tab. This is necessary to enable CDI to calculate two different types of availability and linking calculation. The main DBID is the first one. The second is internal and used for calculating the hybrid linking.


    Hybrid Linking Collection Lists

    Hybrid Full Text Collections

    Collection ID Collection Name DBIDs
    613790000000000466 ProQuest Central BENPR,PQCXX
    612550000000000007 ABI/INFORM Collection 7WY,ABSSA
    612400000000000006 ABI/INFORM Global M0C,ACIOU
    612400000000000016 Education Database M0P,EDUXX
    612400000000000019 Health & Medical Collection 7X7,AAENX
    612400000000000029 Social Science Database M2R,AKXHD
    612400000000000007 ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry M0F,ACKRP
    613790000000000469 Criminal Justice Database M0O,ABZFT
    612610000000000077 Political Science Database M2L,AAJSP
    612550000000000005 Healthcare Administration Database M0T,ADJQG
    613790000000000496 SciTech Premium Collection HCIFZ,AFLLJ
    613790000000000477 Ethnic NewsWatch LD-,AHLNV
    613790000000000491 Nursing & Allied Health Database 7RV,ADYDN
    612610000000000076 Sociology Database M2S,AHGZS
    612550000000000020 GenderWatch 7R6,ABEYG
    613790000000000495 Psychology Database M2M,ACNYV
    612550000000000022 Public Health Database 8C1,AFINY
    612400000000000020 Military Database M1Q,ADSMB
    613410000000000035 Library Science Database M1O,AMADK
    613240000000000044 Environmental Science Collection PYCSY,AEEYA
    613790000000000458 Accounting, Tax & Banking Collection ANIOZ,ADFVA
    614910000000000901 Literature Online (LION) PROLI,AEWGA
    612400000000000026 Religion Database M2N,RELXX
    613790000000000465 Business Premium Collection BEZIV,ABLUL
    612400000000000012 Career & Technical Education Database 7RQ,AHJHI
    613790000000000461 Asian & European Business Collection AXJJW,ABGXD
    614330000000000019 Canadian Business & Current Affairs Database (Alumni) 8FV,AARGF
    613790000000000485 Linguistics Database CRLPW,ASTPX
    612550000000000003 ABI/INFORM Dateline M0B,ADWXS
    612610000000000088 ProQuest Civil War Era M0M,AAMEI
    613790000000000483 Library & Information Science Collection CNYFK,AIEBT
    612610000000000087 Entrepreneurship Database 7X5,AGRDL
    613790000000000459 Advanced Technologies & Aerospace Collection ARAPS,P62,AFOKG
    613790000000000490 Natural Science Collection BHPHI,AAMXL
    613790000000000463 Biological Science Collection BBNVY,ABOIG
    612550000000000019 Alt-PressWatch M0I,AAZLG
    613790000000000475 Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive: Cinema, Film and Television (Part 1) ABJQG,AIBSO
    613790000000000500 Technology Collection BGLVJ,ABQRF
    613790000000000476 Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive: Music, Radio and The Stage AVOMA,AHCZJ
    615500000000000063 LGBT Magazine Archive Collection 1 ADAXW,AEYYY
    613830000000000083 British Periodicals Collection III EOIBT,AHIAR
    613230000000000083 American Periodicals from the Center for Research Libraries M1B,AAYPY
    613790000000000474 Education Collection CJNVE,ACUIN
    613170000000000089 ProQuest PsycBOOKS 8BW,ADYEN
    614910000000000902 Literature Online (LION) – US Customers Only PQLNA,AERIQ
    613790000000000673 British Periodicals Collection IV AUIGY,AFBLY
    613790000000000486 Materials Science & Engineering Collection ABJCF,ABRGS
    614910000000000906 Twentieth Century Drama J-W,AEBYX
    612560000000000113 Advanced Technologies & Aerospace Database P5Z,AEEXL
    613790000000000471 Earth, Atmospheric & Aquatic Science Collection BKSAR,EACXX
    614940000000000052 Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive: Cinema, Film and Television (Part 2) EQAIT,ACBJI
    614910000000000905 African Writers Series J-U,AGPKV
    612550000000000017 Canadian Business & Current Affairs Database 8FQ,ABVJB
    612610000000000085 Ethnic NewsWatch: A History M4I,AEJTA
    613790000000000480 Health Research Premium Collection FYUFA,AFCXM
    613790000000000499 Sociology Collection HEHIP,ADKCD
    613790000000000470 Criminology Collection BGRYB,CRIXX
    613790000000000468 Country Life Archive AAAWY,AEDSV
    613790000000000823 eLibrary BEC,ABWIB
    613790000000000484 Linguistics Collection CPGLG,ABSTA
    613390000000000002 Computer Science Database K7-,ANJRB
    614960000000000423 Social Science Database (Alumni) 88J,AAJTB
    614110000000000058 ABI/INFORM Collection China PYYUZ, AFEKT
    613790000000000850 ProQuest Central Essentials AZQEC,AGAJT
    613780000000000921 DELNET Engineering & Technology Collection S0W,AFTDF
    613790000000000493 Philosophy Database ABSDQ,ACWGF
    614110000000000057 ProQuest Central China PRINS,AALCV
    614960000000000395 Business Premium Collection (Alumni) FRNLG,AJNOY
    613790000000000494 Politics Collection DPSOV,AFVLS
    614960000000000399 Education Database (Alumni) 88B,AEUTQ
    614960000000000400 Entrepreneurship Database (Alumni) 8A3,AFNUO
    614960000000000396 Career & Technical Education Database (Alumni) CAREE,ACAAV
    614910000000000691 British Periodicals Collection IV (China Edition) PAXFP,AJSIQ
    614960000000000392 ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry (Alumni) 883,AAVGJ
    614960000000000414 Military Database (Alumni) 88F,AEQXP
    614960000000000420 Psychology Database (Alumni) 88G,ADFQN
    613790000000000828 ABI/INFORM Collection (Alumni) 8FL,ABPUF
    614960000000000427 Criminal Justice Database (Alumni) 8AM,AGPJB
    614960000000000416 Nursing & Allied Health Database (Alumni) KB0,AAAWE
    614330000000000021 Asian & European Business Collection (Alumni) FREBS,ABAVU
    614960000000000391 ABI/INFORM Global (Alumni) 87Z,AGSBL
    614960000000000408 Healthcare Administration Database (Alumni) 88C,ACBTJ
    614960000000000405 GenderWatch (Alumni) 888,AEVQB
    614330000000000022 Accounting, Tax & Banking Collection (Alumni) FRAZJ,AAJIK
    614960000000000421 Religion Database (Alumni) 88H,AGJWU
    614960000000000409 Health Research Premium Collection (Alumni) GHDGH,ADAJB
    613790000000000492 Philosophy Collection AABKS,AAJFM
    612560000000000116 British Nursing Database AN0,AABXJ
    614110000000000016 ProQuest Central Korea DWQXO,AAFGM
    614110000000000064 ProQuest Central Student GNUQQ,AFOLM
    614960000000000434 ProQuest Central UK/Ireland BPHCQ,AFKRA,PQCXX
    614330000000000018 ProQuest Central (Alumni) ABUWG,ADZZV
    613800000000000385 ProQuest Economist Intelligence Unit Country Reports Archive EUIRV,AEAIK
    613780000000000917 European Newsstream 8B3,AACCD
    614960000000000390 ABI/INFORM Dateline (Alumni) 87Y,ALPET
    614960000000000403 Ethnic NewsWatch (Alumni) LD.,AELQR
    614940000000000192 Youth and Popular Culture Magazine Archive YPCPQ,AHOBS
    614960000000000407 Health & Medical Collection (Alumni) M0S,AGBVP
    613780000000000922 DELNET Management Collection K8~,AAEND
    614960000000000048 Research Library M2O,PRLXX
    614940000000000198 ProQuest One Business     PQBIZ, BOUDT
    614940000000000199 ProQuest One Business (Alumni)     PQBZA, CBHQV
    614940000000000057 ProQuest One Literature LIQON, ATEYL
    611000000000000491 Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints IOV, XBLMT

    Hybrid A&I Collections

    Collection ID Collection Name DBIDs
    6122459500000041 ERIC ERI,GA5
    6114052420000041 ArtikelSök P3Q,ZWRHF
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