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    Institutional Repositories in CDI

    Institutional Repositories (IRs) are an important part of ExLibris Discovery content. Along with commercial content from publishers and aggregators, we are happy to help our users discover this unique, institutional content, which includes dissertations, research reports, digitized archival and image content, and much more. 

    Many of the institutions that provide Institutional Repositories are part of the Exlibris Community. We also work with institutions that are not part of the community, but whose repositories are valuable to our customers. 

    If you wish to include your Institutional Repository in the Central Discovery Index, please follow the instructions here.

    Responsibility for the quality and accuracy of Institutional Repository content belongs to the contributing institution. The content is the output of their cataloging work, and they also maintain linking to the digitized objects on their platform or on other websites. 

    Accordingly, Ex Libris will not correct or change specific records that have linking or metadata issues. We will also not handle specific cases concerning missing content or  invalid records that should be removed from the Repository. It is the responsibility of the contributing institution to provide Ex Libris with an accurate and up-to-date version of their data. 

    If there is problem with the entire collection, we will work with the contributing institution to make sure they send us the data correctly. 

    Most IRs are Open Access and we mark them as such based on the information we receive from the contributing institution. For example, an IR might be labeled as 100% OA on the institution's platform, with no additional metadata describing it as such in the records that we index. In the cases where there is a small amount of restricted content there, we will not remove it from the Index as it is the responsibility of the home institution to provide us with the appropriate metadata. 


    Institutional Repository content – full text and citations

    Institutional Repositories usually contain bibliographic records and the associated full text. However, there are also cases where they only store the metadata without the full text.

    If the Institutional repository provides an indication in the metadata for the existence/absence of full text on its platform, we mark the records accordingly as full text available - they will appear in the filtered search – or full text unavailable – they will appear only in the expand search. We sometimes have cases where there is no indication whether full text is available or not and therefore it can happen that records are incorrectly flagged. As a general policy we do not load IR data where we find a lot of inaccurate data during testing. The majority of records should therefore be correct. However, the responsibility for the accuracy of this indication is on the contributing institution.


    • Article last updated: 26-Jan-2022
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