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    Special links configuration in CDI for Primo and Primo VE

    Some providers will require specific configuration for the links of their collections to access their content. In these cases, special credentials should be added to the link to create customer-specific URL. A set of linking templates created by the CDI content team will assist you in customize these links.

    Primo Instructions

    1. Go to Primo Back Office > Advanced > Mapping Tables > edit the table Templates (sub-system Delivery)

    2. Search for the relevant provider name in the list below to find the template name and instructions. Customize the URL as instructed.

    3. Save

    4. Deploy

    5. Test the linking for in your Primo Front End.

    Primo VE Instructions

    1. Go to Configuration Menu > Discovery > Other > Customer Settings

    2. Search for the relevant provider name in the list below to find the template name and instructions. Customize the URL as instructed.

    3. Save

    Provider Template name Syntax Instructions

    Editions ENI 



    Search for the template "editions_eni_linking".

    To configure the template, replace %SITE_CLIENT% with the authentication key provided by Editions ENI.

    For example:{control/addsrcrecordid}


    Gale/Cengage Databases

    gale_linking{{control/sourcerecordid}}/{{control/addsrcrecordid}}?sid=<Service ID>&u=<Location ID>

    Search for the template "gale_linking" and in the template code column, replace <Service ID> with Primo and <Location ID> as provided by Gale. The template will change from:{{control/sourcerecordid}}/{{control/addsrcrecordid}}?sid=<Service ID>&u=<Location ID>


    InfoBase Publishers, Inc. - Films on Demand


    Search for the template infobase_linking and in the template replace ?wID=XXX with wID=your library code as provided by InfoBase.



    Search for the template "moazine_linking". In the template insert after "libraryid=" your library ID as received from the provider.

    Naxos International (Far East)


    Search for the relevant Naxos template to your activated collections. the template Replace INSTITUTIONID with your Naxos site-specific baseURL prefix in the Template code column.

    For example, if for the “University of Testing” the prefix is "unt". The template will change from:{{control/sourcerecordid}}






    Search for the template "psychotherapynet_video_links" and  In the Template code column, replace exlibrisgroup with your customerID as you received it from

     The URL should look like:"><xxxx>

    where <xxxx> is substituted with your library's video ID.

    Do not add a forward slash at the end of the URL (like this: ... because that will cause the URL to fail.