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    Linking to Moazine

    • Product: Primo Central


    How do I activate the Moazine resource in Primo Central?


    The Moazine collection has been released in Primo Central. However, Moazine requires an institution specific parameter to be filled in, in your Primo Template Mapping Table.

    The template for Moazine is scheduled to be added to your Primo Mapping table as part of the Primo release in May 2019.

    You can enable access to the resource prior to the template release by following the steps below to create the template locally.

    -->Important: if you create it locally, your template and the inserted parameters will not be deleted with the release.

    First, please search for the template in the mapping table to see if it was already created there as part of a release:

    1. Go to  Primo Back Office > Advanced > Mapping Tables > Templates.

    2. Customize Table.

    3. In the Code column, type moazine and press Enter.

    4. If you find the  moazine_linking  template then proceed to customize the existing template.Moazine template.JPG

    5. In the Template code column, replace 9MtJb2T3nzH3bhqEw1xf3Tl3TFB3a2SGLdh2 with your library's customerID as you received it from Moazine       


    --> If the template is not yet in the table, you can proceed to create it locally.

    To create the Moazine template locally:

    1.     Scroll down to Create a New Mapping Row.

    2.     Create new row mapping with the following parameters:

    3. Click on Create.

    4. Save

    5. Deploy.

    6. Test the linking of Moazine in your Primo Front End.

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    • Article last edited: 05-February-2019
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