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    View a Primo or Primo Central PNX Record

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: 4.3

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    View a Primo Central PNX record for troubleshooting

    There are 3 options:
    Primo and Primo Central:
    1. Add a parameter to the record view in UI
    a. choose the record and click on the title, opening the record in full view
    b. add "&showPnx=true" to the end of the URL, causing the XML to display in the browser.

    Primo Central:
    2. View PNX from Back Office, via Request Listener
    a. Enable the Request listener in the Back Office, if it is not already enabled (can leave it enabled): Advanced Configuration > General Configuration Wizard > Sub-system = Primo UI > Request Listener Enabled = true
    b. Add &monitorLogs=LSR to the end of the Details URL (displayed in its own window).
    c. If the Request Listener had to be enabled in the previous step, add &checkDB=true to the URL.
    d. Reload the page.
    e. The Primo Central PNX record starts (and ends) under the Session Monitor section with the prim:PrimoNMBib tag, a little above the prim:recordid:

    <prim:PrimoNMBib xmlns:prim="" xmlns:sear="">

    3. Xservices: To get the doc ID and use Web Services / X-Services to display the PNX do the following:
    a. Add IP in Advanced Configuration > All Mapping Tables > Installation > Front End > WS and XS IP
    b. Deploy.
    c. From the search results, click the Details tab and then open the item in a new window.
    d. In the URL, get the doc number and remove "TN_"
    e. Use this URL:
    http://<CUSTOMER_FE_URL>:1701/PrimoWebServices/xservice/search/brief?institution=<CUSTOMER_INSTITUTION>&loc=adaptor,primo_central_multiple_fe&dym=true&highlight=true&indx=1&query=rid,exact,<TN_ STRIPPED_DOC_NUMBER>

    Additional Information

    If a blank screen is returned, add the IP in Advanced Configuration > All Mapping Tables > Installation > Front End > WS and XS IP (WS = web services; XS = X-services)

    Category: Primo Central

    • Article last edited: 1/15/2014