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    Additional Configurations for MetaLib

    This section describes the configuration changes required in the MetaLib Management interface in order to use the Primo Central Index (PCI) service.
    Before you can configure PCI, you must first register the institution that is going to use the service. For more information, see Registering Institutions for Primo Central Index.

    Configuring the Primo Central Index Resource

    To allow users to search the PCI e-resources, you must update and activate the Primo Central resource for your institution using the MetaLib Management interface (/M).
    To configure the PCI resource for your institution:
    1. Search for the Primo Central resource in your institution.
      If you cannot find the Primo Central resource in your local institution, verify that the latest CKB Update was applied and the new resources were created in the MetaLib institution.
    2. Open the Subscription tab for the Primo Central resource and type the PC Key that you received in the PCI registration approval e-mail in the Authentication field.
      Subscription Tab for PCI Resource
    3. Open the Presentation:Primary tab and select the Active option for the Status field.
      Primary:Presentation Tab for PCI Resource
    4. Click Save & Exit to save the changes to the tab.