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    Configuring the Primo Central Search Scope

    The PCI search scope enables users to search PCI e-resources from Primo’s Front End.
    To configure the PCI search scope:
    1. On the Primo Home > Ongoing Configuration Wizards > Views Wizard page, click Edit next to the view that you want to modify.

    2. In the Add Search Scope section on the Search Scope List page, type CDI in the Search Scope Name field and click Add.

      The CDI search scope is added to the list.

    3. Click Edit next to the CDI search scope.

      The Edit Search Scope page opens (see Edit Search Scopes Page (Views Wizard)).


      Edit Search Scopes Page (Views Wizard)
    4. In the Deep Search Plugins area, select additional search plug-ins that you want to include with this view and search scope: WorldCat, EBSCO (see Configuring the EBSCO Plug-In), Primo to Primo, and CDI.

      If your institution is registered for the CDI service and the CDI plugin is selected, you can also specify the following option:

      • Include Results with no full-text – By default, Primo displays only the CDI records that contain full text, but users may select the Expand My Results option in the Front End to display other CDI records as well. If you want to display all CDI records by default, select this check box.


        Expand Results Check Box

        For information on how to modify the check box’s label, see Modifying the Expanded My Results Check Box.

        When this parameter is selected, the Expand My Results option will not display in the Front End, but users may click the Full Text Online facet to display only the records that contain full text.

      • Limit search to CDI Selective Collections - eBooks – Instead of including all collections from CDI, you have the ability to add specific CDI ebook collections (such as HathiTrust) to your search scopes. When this option is selected, the system will display your active CDI e-book collections so that you can add them to your local search scopes easily.


        Primo Central Options
    5. Click To Scopes List to save the changes.
    6. On the Tabs Configuration page, click Edit next to the tab to which you want to add the PCI search scope.
      The Edit View Attributes page opens (see Edit View Attributes Page (Views Wizard)).
      Edit View Attributes Page (Views Wizard)
    7. In the Add a New Scope section, select CDI from the Scope Name drop-down list and click Add.
      The CDI scope is added to the scope list.
    8. Click Save & Continue to save the changes.
    9. Use the requirements described in section Primo Central Index E-Resource Requirements to configure the Full Results and Refine My Results (Facets) tiles in the Views wizard.
    10. Continue with this wizard to deploy the changes or use the Primo Home > Deploy All page to deploy the views later.
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