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    Blending Search Results

    Because Primo allows you to search for records from many sources (such as your local Primo database, PCI, and deep links), you may need to boost the ranking of the records from each source. This feature is useful in boosting local records when search scopes combine a local search engine with other search engines, such as Primo Central Index.
    To boost records for specific sources, update the following parameters on the Primo Home > Advanced Configuration > Search Engine Configurations page (see Search Engine Configurations Page - Blending Section):
    • Search Engine – Select the source that you want to boost in terms of ranking. This level of boosting is provided for the following search engines: Local Search Engine, Primo Central, and any third node adaptor you have enabled. For each search engine, enter the following fields.
    • Force blending – Select this field to boost records in the results list for the specified source. This means that one record will be forced to the first page of the results and additional records will be added to other pages.
      When this field is enabled, the following fields become active.
    • Minimum hit rank for combining – This field indicates which records you want to move up based on their relevance rank. The valid values are High, Medium, and Low.
    • Combine Location – This field specifies the placement of the boosted record on the first results list page. The valid values are Top (the 2nd record), Center (the 5th record), Bottom (the 9th record).
    • Number of Results to reward – This field specifies the number of records to boost. The system will sufficiently boost the first record to ensure that it displays on the first page of the results. The remaining records will receive a boost that is equivalent to the boost of the first record, but they will display according to their rank.
      If this parameter is left blank, the system will not use the Minimum hit rank for combining and Combine Location fields.
    • Constant factor – This field specifies a constant boost factor that is added to the record boost for all records in the specified search engine. Note that this boost is independent of the boost provided by the above fields.
      Search Engine Configurations Page - Blending Section
    For example, if you want to ensure that records from your local collection display higher in the results, you could use the following settings:
    • Search Engine – Local Search Engine
    • Minimum hit rank for combining – High
    • Combine Location – Top
    • Number of results to reward – 25
    • Constant factor – 0
    When a search is performed in a blended search scope, the above settings will push a record from your local Primo database with a high relevance rank to the second position on the results page, regardless of its actual rank. The remaining 24 records will be given the same boost and display according to their boosted rank in the results. To provide additional boost to local records, a constant factor could have been configured.