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    Adding Disappearing Text Hint to the Primo Search Box that has 1 Search Tabs

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: 4


    How can a disappearing placeholder text hint be added to the Primo search text box that has one or more search tabs?


    1. Add the content of the attached script to the fe_web/customized/<Primo view code>/static_htmls footer file and upload (using Primo's File Uploader Tool in the Primo Back Office)
    The full path for the "fe_web" alias:
    /exlibris/primo/p3_1/ng/primo/home/system/thirdparty/openserver/server/search/deploy/primo_library-app.ear/primo_library-libweb.war/customized/<Primo view code>/static_htmls/<Primo view code>_footer.html

    2. Close/re-open Browser and results should display

    Additional Information

    ** It is recommended that users of this article should have both Java and Primo FE UI customization skills.
    ** For Single-tabbed Searchbox should use the "searchbox-placeholder-text.txt" (attached to this article)
    ** For Multi-tabbed Searchbox should use the "searchbox_multitab.txt" (attached to this article)

    Within the "searchbox_multitab.txt" script, be sure to adjust for the specific internal tab names and "disappearing placeholder text" that is preferred for the Primo view.
    The tab values, "default_tab", "tab1", and "tab2" represent the tab names which were established within the Primo view, and may not reflect the tab names as seen on the Primo FE UI.
    In this particular case, the Primo BE (Back Office) tab values and their affiliated Primo FE UI tab names which display are as follows:
    default_tab = “One Stop Search”
    tab1 = “Catalogue”
    tab2 = “Course Reserves”

    * The placeholder attribute is new in HTML5; the javascript in the attached file is a workaround for earlier versions.
    * According to [14-Mar-2013]:
    ** The placeholder attribute is supported in IE10, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari.
    ** The placeholder attribute of the <input> tag is not supported in IE9 and earlier versions.


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    Category: Front End

    Subject: Basic search

    • Article last edited: 5/1/2014