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Configure Syndetics for basic Primo display

  • Article Type: General
  • Product: Primo
  • Product Version: 4.9

Desired Outcome Goal:
Display Syndetics thumbnails as part of basic Primo configuration

Part 1 - Update Template
1. Go to Advanced > Mapping Tables > Templates
2. Customize Table
3. In Code column, type syndetics; enter
4. In displayed results, should be several syndetics options such as syndetics_thumb, syndetics_toc, etc.
5. For items desired in Primo, replace CLIENT (all caps) with 'primo' in the Template Code column. This can be identified by looking for &client=CLIENT in the code. Only the upper case CLIENT is replaced as follows:  &client=primo
6. For codes which will be unused in Primo, uncheck the 'enable' box on the left.
7. Save
8. Deploy

Part 2 - PNX Links
1. Go to Advanced > Normalization Rules > Site's ILS rules > edit
2. Go to Section Links
3. Each Syndetics Template is used in a single Links section field. Review the Links Fields to locate Syndetics templates. Example: syndetics_thumb is in links:thumbnail field. Edit the links: thumbnail rule to see outcome of data check in rule 2 as write constant '$$Tsyndetics_thumb'.
4. Activate the syndetics field by checking the Enable box (to the right of Source line)
5. Save field change
6. Review rules for remaining Syndetics templates (syndetics_toc, Syndetics_abstracts, etc)
6. Once appropriate Syndetics fields have been enabled, save and deploy normalization rule

Part 3 - Re-normalize data
1. Go to Monitor Primo Status > Pipe Monitoring
2. Execute a No Harvest pipe for the data to renormalize without loading new data

Additional Information

Following completion of No-Harvest pipe, Primo will index/hotswap data the next day.

Category: Primo

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