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    Error when scheduling Primo Analytics report in Primo VE

    • Product: Primo Analytics
    • Product Version: 2020 and newer
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Primo VE


    You attempt to schedule a Primo Analytics report in Primo VE, and the report exists in a personal folder or shared institutional folder, and you still recieve an error:

    "Analytics objects of type Widget, Report, and Scheduled Report should be defined from the Analytics institutional directory and not the Alma directory. Please copy the report to your institutional directory and define the analytics object from there."


    Your personal or shared path likely includes part of the Out-of-the-box (OTB) path. A different path should be used instead.

    For example, if the OTB path is "/Primo/Usage/Reports", and your personal or shared path includes any of these elements in sequence, such as "/Primo", "/Primo/Usage", or "/Primo/Usage/Reports", Primo will detect them as an OTB Path and will not allow them to be scheduled.
    /shared/University Library 01UNIV_LIB/MyFolder/Primo
    /shared/University Library 01UNIV_LIB/MyFolder/Primo/Usage
    /shared/University Library 01UNIV_LIB/MyFolder/Primo/Usage/Reports

    A better path would be 
    /shared/University Library 01UNIV_LIB/MyFolder
    /shared/University Library 01UNIV_LIB/MyFolder/MyUsageReports
    and so on.



    • Article last edited: 12-May-2021
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