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    Eshelf REST APIs return "Invalid URI Syntax" errors when using API Explorer.

    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: February 2016 Release
    • Relevant for Installation Type:  Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Total Care



    When using API Explorer to create Primo Eshelf REST APIs, an error is always returned for GET, POST, PUT, & DELETE methods:


       "error": "Invalid URI syntax for target endpoint: Illegal character in path at index 64:
        path : .+

    This is caused because the path parameter {path : .+} is not substituted correctly by API Explorer.

    Defect Status

    The Eshelf REST API is actually working correctly here.

    The problem is with the API Explorer, and a Defect is open with API Explorer software vendor.

    Replication Steps

    1. Sign in to Developers Network.
    2. Go to API Explorer -
    3. Select API = Primo eShelf (beta)
    4. Select Resource = /primo/v1/eshelf/{userid}/{path : .+}
    5. Select Method = does not matter
    6. Select appropriate API Application & Authentication (API Key)
    7. Complete Eshelf path parameter value
    8. Complete userid parameter value
    9. Leave inst parameter value blank
    10. Click Execute Request button
    11. "Invalid URI Syntax..." error is returned in Response tab




    1. On Request tab, click Add Parameter
    2. Name=path : .+
    3. Value=<your desired path>
    *to DELETE an item, use <your desired path>/<pnxId>
    1. select Parameter Type=Template
    2. Click Add, Execute Request






    This technique will work with GET, POST, PUT, & DELETE Eshelf API methods.





    • Article last edited: 20-April-2016