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Exporting records in bulk - handling of invalid records

  • Product: Primo
  • Product Version: November 2021 Release and later
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare



When exporting records from My Account in bulk to the RIS format, there is a warning message displayed saying the request item(s) not available, or some items are invalid and could not be processed. Why is that and where are the messages defined?


Primo records can be exported only if there are valid PNX records.

Some of transactions under My account (including historical) may not already exist in Primo, or they were never harvested, so their PNX information is missing.

Before exporting records in bulk, the relevant records are checked if they have valid PNX information:

  • if all records do not have valid PNX information, their export is not possible and the warning message is displayed, it si defined under Code table Loans List Labels with code
  • if only some records do not have PNX information, just valid records are exported, and another warning message is displayed, which is defined under Code table Loans List Labels with code


In Primo November 2021 Release, RIS format has been improved according to the specification above.

In subsequent Primo 2022 Releases, other export formats will be improved as well.


  • Article last edited: 25-Nov-2021