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    How does Cataloging Differences affect Primo Central records linking?

    • Product: Primo Central, Primo, SFX


    How cataloging differences between content suppliers affect linking to full text?


    Primo Central metadata is sourced from numerus content suppliers, each has its own cataloging method. In some cases, there is a contradiction between those methods, resulting in a broken link for a PCI record.
    Cataloging differences between content suppliers is a known issue in the industry. Since those methods are all valid, little can be done on PCI side to resolve it.


    Gale may catalog a subsection of an article as a stand-alone item (Shown as a record in PCI), while Wiley will catalog the entire article as a single item. The link from the Gale record to Wiley may fail due to the difference in cataloging.


    It is Ex Libris policy not to interfere with cataloging practices of publishers.

    In specific cases, customers may consider contacting the publishers directly. 

    Additional Information

    How To Report Full Text Linking and Availability Problems to Support


    • Article last edited: 06-Apr-2017


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