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How to ask to remove deleted titles still in Primo

  • Product: Primo
  • Product Version: all
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare



Times to times it can happen that records that were deleted in Alma are still appearing in Primo searches.

This articles doesn't want to analyze the reason of the missing deletion but give the input to how to do when you see deleted records in Primo.


To remove these "ghost" records from Primo, the support team can run a manual deletion process

This process will delete the record/s from the Primo database.


If you are a local Primo customer, that can access the Primo server, you can run the deletion by yourself. For this follow the instructions of this article:


To help the Support team to remove the ghost record/s you have to:


  1. Check on Alma and/or your ILS if the record is really no more present;
  2. Create a case on Salesforce asking the deletion of records;
  3. In case description put the MMS ID or the list of MMS Ids (in case of more than one record).


Instead of the MMS ids, you can also send the list of Primo record id

To know what is the Primo record id

  1. In Primo click on title to see the full display of the record;
  2. Add at the end of the Primo URL, the parameter &showPnx=true;
  3. The PNX record will be displayed. Take the content of the  <recordid>  field in Control section.


The Primo support team will delete the records and after the indexing and hotswapping process, you will see that the records are no more present in Primo searches



  • Article last edited: 21-Jul-2020