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    How to set up User Groups in Primo Analytics

    The description below applies to the Primo ClassicUI only. In the Primo NewUI, the user group codes are the code values as they appear in the auth system. They do not need to be manually mapped, and there is no association limitation of eight user groups.


    Follow these steps to set up user groups to be used in Primo Analytics. Up to eight user groups may be assigned. Please note: this funtion is not retroactive and will start keeping statistics beginning with when it was activated. 

    First Step

    Navigate to Primo Back Office > Advanced Configuration > All Mapping Tables

    Click to edit the User Groups for Primo Analytics Mapping Table

    Under "Create a New Mapping Row" Enter: 

    User Group Values -- these values come from the group codes in Primo Authentication

    User Group Name -- use this to define what groups display in Analytics such as "Staff" or "Undergraduate Student"

    Description -- this field is optional 

    Click "Create" to add the line to the table. 

    Save the table and deploy the changes. 

    What's Next

    Once the above has been updated and Analytics have picked up the change, users can create and edit analyses and dashboards to include user groups. 


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