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How to recognize if a record is a deduplicated record in Primo VE

  • Product: Primo VE
  • Product Version: all

In classic Primo, a record id starting with "dedup", for example "dedupmrg1234567", indicates that the record represents a deduplicated group. In Primo VE, the record id does not indicate whether it is a stand-alone record or a deduplicated group.

To see if a record is deduplicated in Primo VE:

  1. Open the record
  2. View the PNX by adding "&showPnx=true" to the URL.
  3. See the display section of the PNX. Records for deduplicated groups contain the "dedupmemberids" field, which shows the additional records contained in the group. For example, the following display field indicates that MMS ID 991003981829705601 is part of the dedup group:

"dedupmemberids" : [ "991003981829705601" ],




  • Article last edited: 14-Jan-2020