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    How to setup Primo to search a remote index and/or another Primo site?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: 4

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    To define a Deep Search from one Primo site to another.

    1. Terminology
    Requester - The Primo site configuring the search, where the queries will be initiated.
    Target – The remote Primo site which we want to search; holds the data we want.

    2. On the Requester site:
    - Go to fe_conf
    - Edit thirdnode-config.xml
    - Copy the full <adaptor_config> ... </third_node_config> section and edit the fields with the relevant details:

    <Id> – add an id name for the search connection <parameters> – change the following in the parameters fields:

    <key>host</key> - change the value in <val> to targets FE hostname or IP
    <key>port</key> - change the value in <val> to targets FE port

    3. (Optional) To search a specific scope within the target index, add a scope parameter field <key>scope</key> and change the value in <val> to the searchable targets scope.

    <third_node_config xmlns="">

    It's possible to have multiple <adaptor_config> fields, each with its own ID searching different Primo sites or scopes within one remote Primo.

    4. Go to 'Third Node Adaptors' code table – add the relevant ID from <id> in the xml.
    The description added here will be used in the Views Wizard scopes page.

    5. Go to Views Wizard, create a scope and add the thirdnode scope.

    6. Add the thirdnode scope to relevant Primo search tab.

    Category: Search Engine

    Subject: Configuration

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013