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    How to tell if a record from a pipe has been indexed or hotswapped on a multi-tenant Primo environment

    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: May 2016 Release
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant-Direct, Direct


    New records and several types of record updates must complete 3 tasks before being searchable in the Primo FE.

    1. Pipe must complete successfully
    2. Indexing process must successfully process records from the pipe
    3. Hotswapping process must complete successfully for records that have completed Indexing.


    On environments where Ongoing Indexing is running, how do you tell if the records from your pipe have completed Indexing or Hotswapping?


    For environments using Ongoing Indexing, a section has been added to the bottom of the Pipe's Job Details page called "Indexing Data".

    This section contain the following information:

    • Number of records successfully processed by the pipe
    • Number of records in the Indexing queue, waiting to be indexed
    • Number of records indexed since the last Hotswapping
    • Number of records that have been Hotswapped


    Indexing Data 


    The example shows:

    • Pipe completed 572,604 records.
    • Of that total, 212,400 records have already completed Indexing and Hotswapping.
    • An additional 124,200 records have also completed Indexing but have not yet Hotswapped.
    • And, 263,004 records are in the queue, waiting to be indexed.
    • 263,004 + (124,200 + 212,400) = 572,604


    As the example above illustrates, if Primo is in middle of indexing records from a pipe, and it is time for Hotswapping process to start, Primo will Hotswap what has completed Indexing and will continue indexing the rest of the records after the Hotswapping process completes.

    These remaining records will be processed by the next run of the Hotswapping process. 


    When all records from a pipe have completed Indexing and Hotswapping processes, Indexing Data will appear as follows:


    Indexing Data completed

    The time to complete Indexing/Hotswapping will vary due to the number of records, the server, the environment, etc. 

    • Article last edited: 13-June-2019