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    Preventing FRBR Groups Based on a Resource Type

    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: 4
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Multi tenant Direct, Local.



    It is possible to suppress specific records based on the Resource type parameter, from taking part in the FRBR process by assigning them type '99' via the Normalization Rules.
    For example, you can limit FRBR groups only to Books, thus excluding from it Articles and all other resource types.



    1. Go to Normalization Rules Sets page and choose the desired set.
    2. Go to FRBR Section.
    3. Create a new rule for PNX field frbr_t and place it as the first rule on the page.
    4. Use the following definitions for the rule (see screenshot below). The following example will prevent Article records from being included on FRBR groups:


      Source: Constant

      Value: 99

      Conditions: True

      Condition 1 - logic: True

      Condition 1 - source: PNX

      Value: display/type

      Successes if: Match any

      Routine: Check that string exists

      Parameter: article

      Transformations: Copy as is

      Action Behavior: OR 

    5. Make sure to set any other rule in the page to Action Behavior: OR.

    6. Save the page.
    7. Save the set.
    8. Deploy the set.
    9. Go to the 'Define Pipe' page for the Update (No harvest) pipe and check the 'Force FRBR' checkbox. Save.
    10. Execute the update (No harvest) pipe.
    11. For Multi tenant Direct customers: Wait until the next index and hotswap job are completed;
    12. For Dedicated-Direct and Local hosted customers: Execute the index and hotswap job.


    The Normalization Rule :




    • Article last edited: 18/JUL/2016
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