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Primo Service Pack failure due to no free space

  • Article Type: General
  • Product: Primo
  • Product Version: April 2015
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Local;

Problem Symptoms
- The Service Pack process seems to be taking a long time (e.g. more than one hour)
- The Service Pack process was cancelled (e.g. the command `ps -ef | grep sp.install | grep -v grep` produces no results)
- The file space completely filled up (e.g. the command `du -sh /exlibris` file system shows 100% utilization)
- The $primo_install_service_pack/sp.4.9.1/logs/sp.log file contains the message "The apply process failed. Please contact exlibris support."
- The $primo_install_service_pack/sp.4.9.1/logs/apply_patch_home.log.* file contains:

error-No space left on device

/exlibris/primo/p4_1/service_pack/sp.4.9.1/patchtool/bin/patchtool.xml:145: java.lang.RuntimeException: No space left on device

This error will occur if there is not enough free file space to apply the Service Pack

1. Create additional free space in /exlibris by moving, compressing, or removing files (see Additional Information for recommended articles
2. Open a case with ExLibris Support to analyze and clean up the failed Service Pack

Additional Information

The Primo April 2015 release is sometimes referred to as SP 4.9.1.

*Recommended Articles For Creating Free Space

Category: Installation, Upgrade, Removal