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    Colon placement for Display Constants when using the NewUI

    • Product: Primo
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local



    Why is there a colon at the end of a constant in the full display?


    In the New UI, a colon is added automatically by Primo when there is none at the end of the string.

    A few examples when adding the following line to the PNX:

    <lds02>$$Cmyconst$$VMy Value</lds02>

    (Back Office -> Code Tables -> Display Constants)

    No colon at end of string
    Code Output
    clipboard_e77e63ac8adf83dbf4e9e4afcec4ffaa7.png clipboard_e8304926f6bba8c5ed71edd505d507b38.png
    Colon within html tags
    Code Output


    The double colons are appearing since the last character of the description is not a colon.

    Colon after html tags
    Code Output
    clipboard_eaea397be6aad29e36adb59c06b1a7bd5.png clipboard_e8304926f6bba8c5ed71edd505d507b38.png



    • Article last edited: 27-Jul-2018
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