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    Search Tips for the EBSCO Plug-In in Primo

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: 4


    Trying to test the EBSCO search plug-in using known items that are loaded into the catalog or SFX. When searching just the EBSCO search plug-in in Primo, cannot find the items. What are some search tips for the EBSCO search plug-in?


    * EBSCO built the API so EBSCO search logic applies rather than Primo.

    * Tip 1: EBSCO interprets multiple words as a phrase while Primo inserts AND Boolean operators between terms.

    Search: Shakespeare Hamlet
    becomes 'shakespeare hamlet' in EBSCO reducing the likelihood of finding results.

    * Tip 2: EBSCO uses single quotes rather than double quote marks. Primo can use either.

    * Tip 3: EBSCO and Primo can both use Boolean connectors AND, OR, NOT. These must be all capital letters.

    * Tip 4: Using Primo Advanced Search and training patrons to put single terms or phrases in each line will increase results in EBSCO API searches.

    Additional Information

    * Summary: Likelihood of success is increased by using Advanced Search or using single quotes for phrases and inserting UPPER CASE Boolean connectors (AND, OR, NOT) between search terms.

    Category: Front End - Primo

    Subject: Remote Search - Primo

    • Article last edited: 8/15/2014