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    Thumbnails are not displaying in the Primo Front End

    • Article Type: Known Issue
    • Product: Primo
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct; Direct; Local; Total Care


    - PNX records contain a link/thumbnail element that uses a custom or customized thumbnail template
    - The thumbnail template contains an ampersand (&)
    - The thumbnail template is not for Google
    - Examining the HTML with a thumbnail that does not display shows the ampersand has been encoded as &
    - Tracing the network calls shows a URL containing an encoded ampersand &


    Defect Status

    Fixed in Primo November 2015 release

    Replication Steps

    1. Search for a record that has a links/thumbnail with the customized template (e.g. $$Tcontentdm_thumb)
    2. Note that:
    - No thumbnail displays
    - Tracing the network calls shows the URL call contiain &
    - Inspecting the page source shows a call to pushThumbnailsData('<THUMBNAIL_URL with &amp;>','exlidThumbnail_0_0')
    Update the template, replacing the ampersand with \u0026
    Deploy the change and repeat the search
    Note that:
    The thumbnail displays
    Tracing the network calls shows a call to http://{server}:81/cgi-bin/thumbnail.exe?CISOROOT=/astro_atlas&CISOPTR=1355
    Inspecting the page source shows a call to pushThumbnailsData('http://{server}:81/cgi-bin/thumbnail.exe?CISOROOT=/astro_atlas\u0026CISOPTR=1355','exlidThumbnail_0_0')


    1. Go to the Primo Back Office - Advanced Configuration - All Mapping Tables - Sub-System: Delivery and edit the Templates Mapping Table
    2. Find the row with a value in the Code column matching the $$T value (e.g. contentdm_thumb)
    3. Update the value in the Template Code column
    - Find the ampersand (&)
    - Replace it with \u0026
    4. Save the Templates Mapping Table
    5. Deploy the Delivery Settings (GetIt and Availability)

    Additional Information

    For example, the Template contentdm_thumb is defined as



    When examined in the HTML of the Primo Front End an example link with this problem would be:



    Category: Front End

    Subject: Brief results