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    Watchdog email sends wrong URL/link to the component

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo

    Problem Symptoms:
    • Watchdog email received is:

    This is Exlibris system message.
    Watchdog has encountered a problem in module PRIMO.fe.Front End on <<date and time>>

    • When clicking on the URL provided, user receives the following message:

    "Sorry, we could not define your view. The URL has either an unexistent view or is missing the view parameter at all. "

    • The URL provided is not complete, and should be:

    The index.jsp contained under <<fe_web>> does not hold the full suffix to the URL and therefore no view is defined.


    1. On FE server(s) go to <<fe_web>>
    2. Edit file index.jsp
    3. Edit the below line as follows:

    <c:redirect context="/primo_library" url="/libweb/action/<<vid>>"/>

    4. For example to redirect to the default view:

    <c:redirect context="/primo_library" url="/libweb/action/"/>

    5. Save changes
    6. Deploy changes
    7. Restart FE component(s)

    • Article last edited: 12/18/2013