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    Why are records not FRBR'ed or deduped?

    • Product: Primo VE
    • Product Version: All


    Why are related records not frbr'ed or deduped?


    1. Open the Dedup and FRBR Analysis Tool (Configuration Menu > Discovery > Other > Dedup and FRBR Test Utility)
    2. Use the "Compare Records" tab to determine if the records should match
    3. If the tool shows "No match", the records have no matching keys and should not FRBR/Dedup.
    4. If the tool shows "Records match but are not connected in the database", the records may have changed and require FRBR/Dedup to be recalculated. To force a recalculation of Alma records, follow this procedure:
      1. Create a set of the relevant records in Alma. See Managing Search Queries and Sets
      2. Run the discovery job "Prevent Dedup and FRBR" on the set (Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Run a Job). In the "Task Parameters", set "Prevent FRBR in Discovery" and "Prevent Dedup in Discovery" to "No" This will force a recalculation of the FRBR and Dedup for the records without suppressing them.
      3. Wait approximately 15 minutes and check the records in Primo



    • Article last edited: 07-Apr-2020
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