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    Why collections added to Primo Central registration are not displayed in Primo Front End?

    • Product: Primo, Primo Central
    • Product Version: All versions
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, Total Care


    I added a collection to Primo Central and it is still not appearing in Primo. Why so?


    Primo central has a weekly cycle that is picking up all new collections and updates to existing records.
    The records that were added through the new collection will appear in the Primo Front End only after the weekly cycle is completed.
    This weekly cycle starts every Thursday morning (European time) and finishes every Monday morning (European time).
    Collections activated until Wednesday => will be included in the weekly cycle of that week.
    Collections added on Thursday, Friday or during the weekend => will be included in the weekly cycle of the following week.

    Additional Information

    In case you activated a collection on Wednesday or before, and you still do not see the records on Monday, the Primo Central weekly cycle might have been delayed. You may submit a Salesforce case to Primo support in order to ask if it is the case and to get an update through the case when the cycle finishes.

    For additional information, please see How Do Primo Central Records Work?




    • Article last edited: 25-Jan-2018