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    Configuring reCaptcha for Primo VE

    Primo VE enables you to add reCaptcha security when using the Export to Email action and providing feedback with the Give Us Feedback tool.


    reCaptcha Enabled in Give Us Feedback Tool
    To configure reCaptcha:
    1. Enter the following URL to register your institution and to get your reCaptcha site and secret keys:

      For more details, see How to get reCaptcha keys.

    2. Edit the Captcha Keys mapping table (Configuration Menu > Discovery > Other > Captcha configuration).

      Captcha Keys Mapping Table

      Captcha Keys Mapping Table
    3. Copy the keys retrieved in step 1 to the associated fields: reCaptcha Site key and reCaptcha Secret key.

    4. Save your changes to the mapping table.

      Once saved, this functionality cannot be disabled manually. To disable this functionality, please open a Support ticket.

    5. If you want to customize or translate any of the labels associated with this functionality, edit the Send Email and Sms Labels code table (Configuration Menu > Discovery > Display Configuration > Labels) and update the Description column for the following codes:

      • captcha.notselected – *Please Type CAPTCHA Again

      • captcha.invalidSiteKey – *reCaptcha Site key is invalid - please check the configuration

      • captcha.publickey – *Public Key Configuration Is Misssing

      • captcha.privatekey – *Private Key Configuration Is Misssing

    6. Save your changes to the mapping table.

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