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    Searching Code Tables

    Searching allows users to reduce the number of code tables/rows to display or to find a specific code. To search the code tables, specify a value in one or more of the following columns and then click Search:
    • Update for Owner – For installation-level staff users, select the installation name or a specific institution from the drop-down list. The valid values are Installation (if using the default name) or a specific institution.
      For institution-level staff users, this field is set to your institution.
    • Sub System – select a subsystem from the drop-down list.
    • Table Name – type a search string.
    • Code – type a search string.
    • Description – type a search string.
    • Language – select a language from the drop-down list.
      Searching Code Tables
    To start a new search, click Clean. For more information on finding and changing labels in the Front End, see Updating Display Labels.
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