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    The primo library-libweb.war Directory - Classic UI Only

    This page is specific to Primo's classic UI. For customization information that is specific to the new Primo UI and Primo VE, see the following documents, respectively:

    For on-premises installations the primo_library-libweb.war directory (fe_web alias) contains the files (such as HTML, images, and CSS) that are used to define the look of Primo's UI. It is located under the following path, where <v> is the Primo version and <y> is the Primo copy:
    To access this directory, enter the fe_web alias on the server.
    The following figure shows the directory structure of the primo_library#libweb directory, which contains many subdirectories. The following subdirectories contain the files used for customization:
    • The css subdirectory contains the Primo_default.3.0.css file and additional CSS files that are used for the customization of the Primo views.
    • The images subdirectory contains the images displayed in the Primo views.
    • The help subdirectory contains the html files that are used to display help information for Primo's UI.
    • The static_htmls subdirectory contains the html files that are used to display additional information for Primo's UI.
    • The locale/<locale/> subdirectories contain the css, help, and images directories, which are used to define styles, help, and icons for a specific locale, where <locale/> indicates the language and region (such as en_US). The css directory under the locale path contains the Primo_locale.css file.
      Primo Customization Directories